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BLSTOIS It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to have a Pokemon license plate. Blastoise is my favorite Pokemon, so "Wynaut"? Not shown is my Snorlax dressed as Gandalf decal: "You shall not pass!" IA
KICKROX kick rocks UT
KNGHTRDR It is mine. I've had it since 1997. My dad gave me his car in high school and it wasn't so cool so I thought I'd make it more my style and more fun and it is my favorite car all time since watching the show when I was a kid and playing with the matchbox car. NY
OMG WOW Car was a head turner that captured peoples attention and made them say OMG WOW look at those wheels/ that car. It's my car and I built it to what it was. FL
PRPL AAA Purple Haze. Primarily known as a Jimi Hendrix song, it's also a (once) popular type of LSD CA
RROGNT It's my own personal plate. Does it really need an explanation? AZ
SOD OFF British slang for "F" Off which is appropriate on a British-built MINI Cooper. LA
OUTAYM GP Back to the Future license plate CA
STM TPR Stormtrooper on my white jeep cherokee. IA
UNSLOW childhood nickname NY
UNSLOW childhood nickname NC
UNSLOW+ childhood nickname/ fleet collector NC
UNSLOW1 childhood nickname NC
2 BAD I had a model kit when I was a kid in the seventies called Vanbulance. It had a California plate that said 2 BAD and I always thought it was the coolest thing I ever saw. So when I got my Mustang and dressed it up I thought the phrase was fitting so I bought the plate. CAN
I DO SPD I do speed FL
BIGCHKN & LILCHKN my boyfriend made a comment early in our relationship "I hear ya cluckin Big Chicken" and it stuck ever since then. so our "nicknames" were born. i go by Big Chicken, my daughter is Little Chicken and boyfriend is Big Rooster (he doesnt have vanity plates). so i decided to get vanity plates "BIGCHKN". when my daughter turned 16 she got a car for her birthday and she wanted vanity plates also. it just so happened that "LILCHKN" was available. ND
NO PREUS No PREUS on my 2008 Civic Si CA
POTCOM Colorado marijuana company ", LLC" CO
JSDO1T It's mine. And just do it. OR
MST WNTD Most Wanted as if from the video game "Need For Speed" PA
UMAD My car.. Self explanatory.. nobody likes to be beat by a 1983 station wagon. CT
FYRE & YCE My two cars, 95 honda del sol and 99 M roadster, many people do not understand the license plates individually... OR
SKYGDES Flight Attendant . WA
YOR MOM your mom the funny saying and answer to every question. CAN
CARTAG It's my plate. CARTAG just means it's a car tag. It looks like I'm faking my tag whenever I write it down on anything official. OH
HNSOLO My plate - Han Solo from Star Wars. I am a big fan of the movies and the characters. MA
SNWMBLE SNWMBLE = snowmobile. It's a 1990 325ix, which is a somewhat rare all-wheel drive version of the E30 platform BMW. The car is my winter car, which I use to take to the mountains during the winter seasons to snowboard. It serves its' purpose well. NY
SPD RSER Got a nickname back in highschool from a friend for my driving. Enjoyed watching the cartoon so i decided on my next car id get personalized plates and use that for my plate. IL
UB2SLOW your car is too slow for mine FL
DROPOUT college dropout NY
DWN TYM down time NY
ZMEGOBY Seen on a 350Z. See me go by. TN
ONURKNZ On your knees! OH
LUVS2LAF This is my plate on my white Toyota Yaris. It's pretty self explanatory, I love to laugh! And when I'm sitting at stop lights, I love to see people behind me smile and take pictures of my plate :) NC
BADTREKI im a badboy. lol NY
:-D This is my plate, it's a smiley face emoticon and also "Support our Troops" NC
IMAJEDI/IMASITH I'm a Jedi/I'm a Sith - self-explanatory - just very lucky to get one for each of our cars! NV
0110110 This is my plate on my brand new 2013 Camry Hybrid. It was my one way of getting 11 11. Make a wish everytime 11:11 is on the clock, only time all 4 digits are the same. Plus it's binary for 54 which has nothing to do with it. I live on the Detroit windsor border so customs officers always do a double take and ask what it means (car 54 where are you). Everybody has a words so this always gets attention. CAN
MSSBHVN This was my plate this last year...I'm always joking and being sarcastic so this plate fits perfectly OH
YODARLZ YODARLZ, pretty explanatory yoda rules. The force will always be with us in our Ford Focus thanks to yoda VA
FE50FUM I smell rice burning MI
UD L05E You'd Lose!! Saw this on a SRT 8 Challenger....awesome!! GA
OF ZELDA I have an Acura Legend with the Plate "OF ZELDA" PA
AHH 69 Random plate the DMV gave me. CAN
HAMATYM Short for "Hammertime" by MC Hammer, and the frame just seems to be for clarification. CA
LTRS BBY These are my plates! I'm a huge fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and "Laters, Baby" is a popular phrase used by Christian Grey in the book along with other also comes in handy when you're passing someone! IL
R3VOLTN R3VOLTN - Against high fuel prices, gas guzzlers, recharging VA
MOBSTER The plate is on the back of a Black Audi A8 with dark tinted windows. Very Mobster looking. TN
MASRATI Masrati = Maserati CO
BA BA I saw this outside my gym, i do not own the vehicle. "Ba ba black Jeep". I doubt he has any wool. AK
WOPONY Slow the Mustang down! WI
OMG LAG I\'m a video gamer and I drive in NYC. No matter what, there will be lag. NY
NVRLKBK Never Look Back. CO
RUSAVED This was my mom's plate. Are you saved? A question she often posed. ALSO, the extended detailed version: Romans 10:9 indicates a requirement of salvation: "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." So, "to be born again" means "to be saved" because to be saved, one must confess Jesus is Lord with one's mouth and believe it in one's heart. Also, to be born again means to follow Romans 10:10 that "with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved". SD
QWERTY I'm an IT Professional and thought QWERTY would be a good indicator of what I do. I've gotten lots of comments about it from passerby's. NC
LOW MPG Low miles per gallon IL
XOXOXOXO OXOXOXOX Hugs and kisses and kisses and hugs My wife and I gave these plates to each other on our 15th wedding anniversary. 10 years later and they are still on our cars. CAN
HOB4BRO Hoes Before Bros CA
DUTY none KY
NO NUKES Sat behind it at a red light. Either it means the world should get rid of all its nukes or it's from Call of Duty. If someone uses a nuke it ends the game early. But, judging by the "war is not the answer" bumper sticker it's a political statement. FL
STEP4'D I was horrified when I realized that I wanted a minivan. This helped me feel better about it. If you would include a link to my blog about it, I'd appreciate it. MO
RAWRRR This is my old Cougar, and Cougar's go RAWRRR!!!! :D RIP October 2011 WI
JEDI I AM This is my Eclipse and I thought it'd be funny to get JEDI I AM. WI
HAHA HA Laughter is good for the soul ! SC
MS TIPSY My hubby calls me Ms Tipsy because I'm always tripping or falling and I really don't drink. :) VA
RIDE EM I had this tag on 2 different pickup trucks from '86 to '93. I rode bareback broncs at small rodeos in my state when I could spare the time. It was among a handful of creative rodeo vanity tags back then and I insisted on keeping it. AR
EZDUZIT Easy does it! OK
BUKWORM What can I say? I love books VA
N4M8I0N Mixed letters and numbers to describe my interest in information VA
FAKEPL8 I dislike the new flat, printed, non-embossed plates they appear to be fake and look as if they were acquired from a mall kiosk. I also feel it is pretty damn funny with a plate that reads \"fakepl8\" AZ
VLAD THE Play on words from the notorious 'Vlad the Impaler' CA
1M2SEXY I am too sexy NJ
SHOCKER 1 in the pink... ID
JEDI ZEN Nickname is Zen, so I am Jedi Zen! VA
URJLUS You Are Jealous. Pink car, pink plates - what's NOT to be jealous of!?! TX
BAHMAMA I got this Vanity Plate for my 2012 Scion tC. It means "Bahama Mama" ~ Favorite drink and Favorite place to vacation! GA
IFUSEEK If you see Kay AZ
WAT401K Saw this at a hospital in Vegas, gave me a smile. NV
XBDUDE It's a XB car...Dude! AZ
KSLATER Kelly Slater, most recognizable name in the surfing world. CA
YANKEZZ Best Sports Team in the World!!!! OH
LOL NO It's mine. No meaning behind it. IN
FLICK U In 1972 I agonized over which seven-letter-including-spaces expression I wanted to say to everyone who saw my plate. I picked three cute sets and filled in the boxes. Just before sealing the envelope I had an inspiration: How about showing my disdain and flicking the attention away like a speck of dandruff? The Double Entendre would pay tribute to the Film School at USC, producer of Spielberg and Lucas, among others. Never thought the plate would be made: since the boxes were full, I put "FLICK U" on the top line of the top box. Lo! and behold! The not-so-plain brown envelope arrived and there you see it! CA
BVRFVR I had this plate for 7 years. When I was questioned I always just said I went to school at Oregon State. I never told them I had the Beaver Fever. AK
HYDURWF I'm a girl who likes girls so if you see me coming, "Hide your wife!" I loved it but had to take it off after that stupid "hide your kids, hide your wife" video went viral on YouTube. That took all the fun out of it :-( VA
ZROOOM Self explanatory WV
ITS BLCK Well, no sh!t. NY
SO-GREEN Being that its a hummer, its not very eco-friendly VA
FYOCOUCH F*&k your couch! Famous Dave Chappelle quote NY
H8GAS Hate gas. Being a prius, its a hybrid VA
PANTHUR I used to call my car the White Panther because it was a Mercury and they had another model called the Cougar. I though Sable not an exciting name. I later found out that the car was actually made on the Ford Panther platform, which made it even more cool. VA
CNTBSCT cunt biscuit dad gave me the nickname....dont ask me why!!! OH
SPAAACE I got this plate based on the Space Core from Portal 2. SPAAAAAACE! VA
8AZNGA The Big Bang Theory is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. Sheldon Cooper\'s famous tagline \"Bazinga\" was perfect for a vanity plate. BAZINGA was already taken as a plate, so I substituted an 8 for the B. You really can\'t even tell it\'s an 8 when you look at it. This is my plate on my 2007 orange Chevy HHR, whose name is Penny. OH
STNG KLR This plate is on my 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS. It defines my dislike for the Mustang. It also attracts a lot of attention from the Mustang community. IN
5 OCLCK The plate says \"5 OCLCK\" and the license plate frame says \"IT\'S\" on the top and \"SOMEWHERE\" on the bottom so together they SAY \"IT\'S 5 OCLCK SOMEWHERE\". CA
MECKANIC A fixer of non-mechanical problems, eg. a contractor, mercenary or assassin. CAN
BYE NOOB I thought it was clever to put on the back of my 350Z, because it is certainly a quick car. It's the last thing they are going to see when I fly past them on the highway. IL
BOATER I'm a lifelong boater - the plate belongs to me. MI
GLORP I suppose the plate 'according to Garp' was already taken...ask Robin Williams. CA
BLAQNES I assume it is about the owners "blaQnes" or blackness... but do not know. CA
IMSINGL Owner of the car/plate. Single, never married male after buying brand new Corvette GS Convertible with cash. Plate represents a "thumbing of the nose" to all the women that have refused my advances over the years. TX
I'L B BAK none NC
UMADBRO This is actually my personal license plate. I got it because I have a tiny little Scion xD, but have a sound system in it worth over $4K, so it's HILARIOUS for black guys to roll up with their shitty music and systems, then get blown away by my car! SC
INSPYR Motivational Speaker TX
SPLDWFE Spoiled Wife ME
OMG * SICK Show car. All the younger people always say O My God, THat is SIck so: OMG*SICK it is! CA
TAXS2HI Taxes in Maine and the United States are too high for the working class. ME
BUYAGUN I think he sold guns because of the bumper stickers he had. He was also NOT a liberal. AZ
PIMPIN I got it because fatguy wasnt available NH
SHARTD I got my sister this plate for her birthday, Sharted, when you fart & poop yourself VA
L0R1D3R I have always been a tuner of Imports. My current whip is a slammed Honda. Hence, Low Rider. :-) CAN
VEGOIL I make biodiesel from veggie oil from local resturants. My H1 Hummer runs off of this biodiesel. VEGOIL is the plate name. TX
(W)ILDRIDE It took me a while to figure out how to use "W" as a free letter then I came up with (W)ILDRIDE MEANS: WILD RIDE it is on a 2002 Corvette Z06 WA
TI KCF Read it backwards. AK
0 Had to work really hard for this one, I mean zero. MD
SHARTD The combination of a shit and a fart :) VA
6T3COMET Everyone asks "what model is your car". The car is a 1963 Mercury Comet. NC
SEO Search Engine Optimizer WA
MYD4SBWU MYD4SBWU= May(MY) the(D) force(4S) be(B) with(W) you(U) because I'm obviously a big Star Wars fan and I wanted something that needs to be solved but would be easy beings not affected by Jedi mind tricks! NY
MR HANKY MR HANKY plate on a brown Toyota supporting the South Park character. FL
LRD V8R This is my 1994 Toyota Supra. It's a turbo and targa top model. It's name comes from the fact that is all black. However, to comply with DOT I replaced all 4 side marker lights with standard ones. Previously, they were all blacked out. To go with the theme, I chose hints of red. The brake calipers are the only visible sign, but next I plan on getting red Sparco Milano Presteige leather seats. Stay tuned (no pun intended :) HI
IM STIG Ironic that 'The Stig' would be driving something as slow and sensible as a Subaru Forester! PA
MEE OFSR Mee Officer? The plate is most definitely mine as was the vehicle. This photo was taken just moments after being hit by a neighbor.. It was also the first and last time I have parked in front of my house. CA
BYE NOOB bye noob... CA
EPH U Eph U, pronounced F U. "Eph" is the first syllable of my last name. IL
OCNC815 Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 - the airplane flight that crashed on the island in the TV show \"Lost.\" This was my plate from 2009-2010 when the best show ever ended in May of 2010. MI
Y SO SRS Why so serious? -Joker ( The Dark Knight ) VA
CUBSSUC resubmitting, picture is not showing up IL
LUSCANON Loose cannon. The plate is on an Audi A8L driving or personality either way it describes me NY
YEHATR i used the Brooklyn dodgers B and then added YEHATR TO MAKE BYE HATR . which really stands for BYE-HATER . its also in a song from the rapper maino - the song is called hi hater NY
37OH55V Look at it upside down VA
DREDLOCK I saw "DREDLOCK" on the back of a white BMW in Harlem. NY
THIEF It's a literal license to steal. VA
RU CMNG Are you coming or are you cumming? CAN
HORZ4ME Whores for this guy? CA
RELSHME I saw the Weiner Mobile on 5/8/10 in Valencia CA and I though the license plate would be perfect on here. CA
GOSTO11 A play on the famous "It goes to 11!" scene in the mockumentary "Spinal Tap". Especially funny for a 1999 Camry! GA
LOL FAIL My plate issued 3 days ago :) meaning is self explanatory. Although LOL could mean Land of Lincoln ;D, I didn't notice that until I had the plates in my hands. IL
SYBIAN I have a 04 Crossfire & while listening to Howard Stern, I decided to name the car SYBIAN. I had the car registered with the NV DMV for 3 years until someone was offended by the name. I kept the front plate and gave them the rear...saddest day of my life. 04 Crossfire my sex toy at 3500 rpm's. NV
TUBGIRL Tubgirl is an internet phenomenon, a picture of an Asian lady defecating on her own face. I was very surprised to see it referenced on a plate on a local campus and had to get a picture of it! CA
:-D This is my plate. I am generally a happy person. I like to make people smile. Additionally in NC the symbols do not count as part of the actual plate registration, and organization plates all have a suffix of some sort. The suffix for adopt a pet is IC (I Care) and when you count my first letter (D), the actual plate registration is DIC (thats a bonus). NC
HRZPWR Horse Power - Got it originally on our Horsetruck as I used to put my Drag Car inside as well as using it for my horses. Now it is on my Iroc-z Convertible. Actually I'm in New Zealand AUS
V8-R FTW Mazda Miata with a Corvette LS1 V8 & Independent Rear Suspension swapped in. TX
SECKSIE Another Way Of Writing 'Sexy" NJ
UNXPKTD unexpected CA
VNTY PL8 I\'m the owner of the plate. It means what it is. A vanity plate. It\'s my second personalized plate. I was looking for a change before starting college in 2003 and this plate just clicked with my sense of humor. And, fortunately, it was available. VA
1SICKRS My Camaro is a RS model, so its 1 SICK RS. MI
Z5I Corvette with the Z51 suspension option. Since the Z51 plate was taken, I replaced the "1" with the letter "I" (roman numeral for 1). NY
QUAGMYR Family Guy next door neighbor, glen quagmire ME
TBAGNYU T Baggin You! CA
JDMTYTE I'm a 240SX enthusiast and while I do enjoy Japanese styling I always laugh at the people who are obsessed with things being JDM for the sake of being JDM. So when my wife and I picked up this cheap, beat up 240SX convertible we decided on JDMTYTE as a joke (particularly because the 240SX convertible is a USDM only model, and it was completely stock). We did eventually swap to a JDM Silvia front end (in the picture) since the original front end was damaged, so now the plate is no longer ironic and we'll be getting a new one. NH
11I1I11 I wanted a plate that looked more like a symbol than a word. Originally I wanted just a string of hyphens, the DMV told me it had to have 2 letters so I asked for 1111111 thinking it would look like a bar code. They then told me it couldn't be all numbers and had to have 2 letter so I shoved a few Is in there to make 11I1I11. Most people have a hard time reading it but it wasn't my intent. The DMV accepted it but warned that they might recall it due to how hard it was to read, I've had it 8 years and counting. NH
WARTHOG This plate has multiple meanings. 1. The Isuzu Vehicross looks like a warthog (the animal), it has "tusks" in the grill, mirrors that look like floppy ears, and the bumps on the headlights look like the horns above the eyes of a warthog (and are actually called "horns lights" by VX enthusiests) 2. The Vehicross looks slightly (it's a stretch) like the Warthog vehicle in the Halo video game (at least more so than any other production vehicle). Also the Vehicross was Isuzu's "Halo" car. While not a Halo fan I am a gamer so it seemed appropriate. NH
YEABABY Austin Powers fan MD
POLICE Saw it on a van parked outside Penn Station - might not make the best undercover vehicle. NY
URATOOL I org got it as a joke since my dad always called me a TOOL, and everyone thought it was funny so I make sure to pay up so I can keep it. MI
U IDIOT too much road rage GA
1TS FAST its fast PA
LOST N I have the WORST sense of direction and I am always getting lost - hence, I am "Lost N" Alabama. AL
This is my girl plate on my Toyota 4-Runner. Got it after my divorce was final. Still single 12 years later! NY
IV RINGS IV RINGS means 4 Rings for the Audi Symbol. I own the plate. OH
GEEK I'm a computer geek and got this plate for my first car, a 1987 Oldsmobile 98 in 2003. MI
dmbluck Thee WORST Luck ever... AZ
FATCHNC Fat chance! AZ
2GLS1CP 2 Girls 1 Cup AZ
LOLOLOL It's like LOL except twice as funny. You can find this plate on the back of my 4G Eclipse. NJ
LUV2FRT l love to fart....... and it's mine NJ
GOOD&U I'm good thanks. NH
I-MATEY Pirate Lover NH
-PISSA- Wicked Pissa...New England slang for awesome! NH
I SWA LO its unlady like to spit VA
WURKH8R work hater! CA
KICKGAS KICKGAS, meaning I'm trying to get away from using gas. Also at first glance it appears to say KICK ASS. LA
ICNTDRV I can't drive! This was my tag until very recently. I've been thinking about putting it on my Jeep. MS
SPATZI 1 SPATZI 1 stand for darling in German (nickname); spatzi can also used in German for a small or tiny penis, I saw this plate in front of a shopping mall IL
ETMYCRN ETMYCRN is a my way of telling other people to f*** off! Eat My Corn! AZ
PWRHNGRY It is my plate. This is the plate on my new Z06 corvette. it means power hungry. I am in the Ambit energy biz which is a company that supplies power (gas and electric). NY
RUN2RL6 RUN2RL6 = Are you into oral sex? A friend thought it up. I thought it was pretty funny, not to mention an interesting combo of 7 letters to create 5 words, so I put it on my car. PA
CUMMING Speaks for itself. MD
SMOKN C6 Member of WI
WADD-EV Whateverrrrrr. What - ev. VA
YADDA-3X Gettin' old.... Seinfeld "yadda yadda yadda". Yadda 3x=3 times VA
AAH-ITE A street way of saying all right. Think Randy Jackson -- "it was aah-ite. A litte pitchy, dawg." VA
ALPHA-Q "ah, F you" or "I'll F you". I drove this one around on a Mercedes 420 during the Reagan administration in suburban DC. VA
MERD TET MERD TET is a poor spelling of \"shit head\" in French (merde tete). THIS ONE WAS ORDERED BY VIRGINIA TO BE REMOVED FROM MY CAR about 6 months after I got it. VA
FOH-SHOW My plate up until this year. \"She\'s a ho, FO-SHOW\" from \"40 Year Old Virgin.\" VA
ETMYDST Eat My Dust. See on my friends Heavily Modified 3 series BMW Still wearing the deceiving 328is badge. ID
DOES185 I saw the plate DOES185 on the back of a Maserati in reference to the song Life's Been Good by Joe Walsh. IA
20TEN SS On my 2010 Camaro (submitted a previous picture but this is the modified car) OH
STINGS The car is a 2010 "Bumble Bee" Camaro.. STINGS TX
DRTYJOB The State Patrol made me replace my plates. I wonder why. WA
SP33D This is my plate for my motorcycle, it is self explanatory. =] -enjoy NJ
PHYRMN PHYRMN = Fireman. This plate is mine, and is on my 2009 Shelby GT500. KY
ONURKNZ ON YOUR KNEES. Sticker on back window of truck had the name of a local church on it. AZ
VGNA-LVR I requested this plates thinking that I would never get them. I love this plates specially after seeing many different expressions in my rear-view mirror. The question is....Virginia Lover??? VA
KOP B8 "Cop Bait" on a 2010 Corvette TN
SVRWTHR SVRWTHR = "Severe Weather" on my Limited Production 1993 GMC TYPHOON... For some reason a lot of people have trouble making the connection... NJ
86753O9 It's mine, my name is Jenny and I waited forever for the last person to give it up! ME
TGHT BOX its mine & i like it cuz it makes people think its got a dirty meaning, really just talking about my car, I love it! VA
FML "FML" on the back of a BMW 335 WV
UR2HIGH UR2HIGH meaning my truck was lower than others. This was my truck but i sold it. VA
8-D LOL I have the plates "8-D LOL" on my 2010 Camaro SS. I got it since I'm the funny one out of my group of friends. People pull up next to me after seeing the plates and give me the funniest looks. TX
MILF MAN Saw this one on a drunk walk back from the bar in Richmond, Va VA
EBAY Saw this while leaving after dinner, I think it is hilarious. NV
H20GATE This plate belongs to G. Gordon Liddy. Not exactly denying it, is he? MD
UNO OJO This is my plate that is on my 1996 Honda. I lost my left eye in 1989 and my nickname is "Uno Ojo" or one eye. AZ
A GOLFRR Saw this at a golf course. CA
S2K HNDA Saw this on a Honda S2000 and thought it was pretty cool. CA
FSHITUP f*** shit up! MT
REDALRT "Red Alert" on my red VW Eos turbo. My current Star Trek themed plate. ID
B ME UP "Beam me up" I'm a big Star Trek fan, get a new plate every year. This was my first. ID
DCPTCON Decepticon - as in bad guys of Transformers FL
5IVE-0 Hawaii "5-0" HI
2MNYK1DZ "Too Many Kids!" CAN
MR2SEXY Double meaning as the car is an MR2. VA
r[hand]dae86 Right Hand Drive AE86 - Mine - I converted my AE86 to Right Hand Drive. CA
TOPWOP "Topwop" This has been my plate for the last 5 years in New Jersey. For those who don't know a WOP is an old italian slang for "with out papers" NJ
FEL N E criminal defense attorney MI
FAIRRIS I saw FAIRRIS on white Chevrolet Suburban. NV
OOHSNAP Ended up behind this Tahoe coming off the interstate in New Orleans LA
GAM3 0VR This is my plate and it is on the back of a 2007 Scion tC. It means no matter what you're not going to win against me, in a race or a video game. WI
IL VGINA I saw this driving down I-25 in Denver last night. I believe it's mean to say "ill vagina" - in rap terms that translates to "good pussy." Not my plate. CO
ONLYBOYS I have 3 sons so I got the plate ONLYBOYS. And now 6 years later I actually need to change it. I had a baby girl 2 months ago. Still trying to think of a good idea...Do you have any??? NY
VROOMA! My Italianized version of what little kids say when they play with cars, vroom vroom! NC
58 CADY Red Cadillac Eldorado. CA
L&C EXP License plate from my collection MT
K9HEMI K9 as in canine, or dog, obviously AK
RMSFAN Rams fan all the way AK
BUKAKE If I have to tell you what Bukake is, look it up, but not at work... HI
GIANTS Huge NY Giants fan. But you probably guessed that. CT
MF IM ILL I have seen this car around Chicago and i followed it to get this picture. Motha F3*Ker I'm ILL IL
TPLESFUN Toplessfun - yours to discover ...LOL imagine a beautiful brunette driving this black Ford Mustang ! CAN
EXTREM My old stage name when I was a pro-wrestler was Eric Extreme. MA
LOLF150 I saw this on a Chevy Silverado. VA
I DO DOGS Well, I always knew Wisconsin CheeseHeads were strange but I think this one takes the cake! WI
BUDSFNG My name is Bud. This is my G (35x). The FN can mean whatever you'd like! MI
CUMGZLR self explanatory IL
NOWIF3 Plate made to let women know that the male driver is available TX
WE[heart]MEX The plate says WE"heart"MEX which I presume means we love Mexicans or Mexico. CA
XSITH Maybe he's a recently converted Jedi? FL
FLASHME Was great while it lasted but had to change it for my new job. MD
SCHITTY It described the car perfectly. Became its name. VA
MAGNTIC MAGNTIC = Magnetic, as in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), on a Radiologist's car, i.e. yours truly! MN
POTVIN This is a replacement for the other plate I've posted. Please remove the other and use the copy "My name is the same as the hockey great Denis Potvin of the New York Islanders hockey team. MA
OZONE Controversy! My friend surprised me with this message on his Hummer. MA
LANDJET The plate is on a Pro-Street roadster pickup truck from 1955. Low, mean, fast, and just kewl to look at. Attention getting truck MN
GINGEE My redheaded friend's plate. FL
H TOOO I saw it on an H2 Hummer FL
O MIKEL It's my plate CT
AUXTIGE Wanted to cheer for my LSU Tigers. All the good plates were already taken. My new vehicle lends itself to wider plate. Since state only allows up to 7 characters, I added the additional ones before and after. Geaux Tigers is a LSU Tigers cheer. LA
FSTR N U Faster Than You CA
DSTRBD 1 back in my younger days I did a lot of dumb sh!t OH
RB26DET This is the plate on my Silver 1972 Datsun 240Z running an RB26DETT from a 1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R Spec-V. CA
WTF Hi, I got this plate by the DMV somehow. Let's see how long they let me have it. ME
E COLI I was at the Crystal Lake, IL train station & I saw this one several years ago. The first letter "E" is given to all environmental plates. I asked the driver why he had it, he told me he was the health inspector! IL
JIZZON unknown CA
KLM My initials: KLM! AR
1AZGOP It's my plate. Got it for election year 2008 to show who I was going to be voting for. Got a new one on the way right now. Love your site! AZ
U R NXT Well it's the plate of a hearse. KY
PB*BUNY Playboy (star) Bunny CA
GWAR FAN The meaning is pretty self explanatory, but it means I am a fan of the band GWAR. VA
NO TAG I own "No Tag" in TX, someone else spotted this NV plate at the hacker convention DEFCON source: Vote for my plate too! NV
PKU BLM3 F78k you.... blow me! CA
NOOB Noob Newb Newbie! NV
MRH4X0R "Mr. Hacker"; This is my plate, I just picked it up the other day. I've been dying to get a personalized plate for a while now, and I've wanted something with a little 1337ness; I think this counts! =P CA
TXME ST8 Our taxes here are very high hence Tax Me State on the plate. I've had it on various vehicles over the past 10 years. It's on a different vehicle now. NE
CVA ME CVA ME is my plate on my truck. CVA is a medical term for a "stroke" . It started as a joke in my work place (I am a nurse) and went from there. I get a LOT of comments, both good and bad, on them. AK
BUGGASM on a bug in Calgary CAN
YOMAMA Back in the 1980's a friend of mine made a bet I couldn't get these letters on the new Wisconsin Vanity plates for my 1968 AMX. YOMAMA showed up in the mail much to my surprise. One night I was stopped in Milwaukee, WI by a black police officer for being in a car lot looking at cars after it closed and he called in the plate to the main office reading each letter and not realizing the word. The dispatcher came back on laughing and said \\\\\\\"Yo Mama\\\\\\\'s OK\\\\\\\" and the policeman laughed so hard I thought he would wet himself. He told me to go home and avoid driving through residential areas because of the plate. I was from a small town 80 miles North. They hang in my garage today. WI
1 JAH MON Saw this on a local car, Jah is the Rastafarian God (of Marijuana) CA
BUTTHEAD I saw this. CAN
LIVNOW My mother gave me a birthday card with a quote from Peirre Ronsard, "Live now, believe me, wait not til' tomorrow, gather the roses of life today." Happy Birthday, Love Mom. Two months later she died. I special ordered the plate for my newly purchased convertible, that I always wanted. I try to remember to live in the now and that we, or our friends, or family, may be gone at any moment. I can say a lot about this, it is very special to me... CT
PCK A BGR Pick a Buggar. This is on my Dads 48 Ford pick-up. This was just something he use to say all the time instead of good bye. We miss him!!!!! GA
LCKY N (HEART) "Lucky in Love" ... When I was a young wife and mom, and struggling financially, my mother once told me, " You may not be rich, but you are lucky in love." Hence, the plate. CA
51ST ST8 This is my actual Ontario Canada plate 51ST ST8 (fifty first State) I wish Ontario would join the US of A CAN
G U L8TR Infiniti G35... See you later replaced with a G. Nice touch. NY
I8 UR V8 sitting in my driveway on my civic NH
HYM8NCE high maintenance NH
LOLWTF My plate: Laugh Out Loud What The Fuck I got it because I constantly found myself chuckling at other dumbass drivers and saying "what the f@(k?" to myself as I passed them. CO
PIERBIKE Piermont Bicycle Connection NY
STL2SLO Plan, spend, build, race, repeat....... but it's STILL TOO SLOW! This plate is on my street-legal 11-second 1966 GTO (Pontiac powered!) that I have owned since high school. LA
IM14BN8 I't self explanatory----I'M ONE FOR BEING ATE AL
PMS 247 Self explanitory! It's my aunts! RI
M3NSTRL Red Bmw m3 with red interior VA
NVERLA8 Never Late CA
COOL BNZ Cool Beans is one of my favorite expressions. NC
YOBTYA It's a phonetic pronunciation of a Russian profanity VA
BAKPAKN One of my old pl8s VA
NTHAL This is our plate. It's our last name. The state flower + NTHAL (ROSENTHAL). NY
POS GMC piece of sh!t GMC WI
HANITO No idea on the meaning TX
IMTAKEN I got \"IMTAKEN\" on my tag b/c I am married, actually got it before I got married. Had the tag about 6 years now. I got tired of getting hit on, LOL. I love my husband and he knows and it everyone driving behind me will too! MN
BACHELOR I had this plate for a few years on a custom Red Cadillac Escalade. Girls always found it funny and wanted to see if they could change it. NY
DSKREET discreet: Marked by, exercising, or showing prudence and wise self-restraint in speech and behavior; circumspect. CA
RAP OFF rap off on at 2007 charger!! sick carz IL
UP UR5 I got this plate and it lasted for about 6 months before it was reported, and revoked by DMV. Simply says \"Up Urs\" VA
WTFDUDE "What the f*&k dude" GA
RXDLR I saw this plate on the back of a mercedes SUV filled with boxes in the back. I'm assuming he's a pharmacist but you never know. TX
MSBHVEN I saw the plate MSBHVEN on a black Chevy. MT
OHHWELL I saw the plate saying OHWELL on a white Acura RL while I was getting on the freeway. CA
C HNT sea hunt FL
2GRL1CUP 2 girls 1 cup. NC
R1SBLO An "R1" is a Yamaha Sportbike. This plate is on a 2000 Suzuki GSXR 750 FL
LOL FAIL its mine, it means laugh out loud fail.. I got it because in my highschool parking lot there are tons of bad drivers so I park next to them and put a magnet arrow pointing at their parking jobs. VA
RME SARG ARMY SARGE. Says it all. I\'m a proud soldier, and am not afraid to say it. I replaced CNTRY BM with this. Much better VA
NXT YR An optimistic Leafs fan CAN
ENDWAR 2 vehicles in parking lot. Makes sense to me! WI
ULUZ You will lose the race. IL
YTRY Why Try to race me? I'll win! IL
I SPANK I spank! NY
0SCHNITT my plate is a shortened version of my last name with the added "O" at the beginning CA
1HOT77 none CAN
NVRMRE It's a reference to the band Nevermore, and frequently mistaken for a Poe reference. I no longer have the car, but still have the plate. ME
P1NBALL This is on my SUV. I collect pinball machines, and PINBALL was already taken. Everyone reads it correctly, so it was the obvious second choice! PA
R5KYB1Z In the movie Risky Business, Tom Cruise (Joel) joy rides his dad's Porsche 928 a few times...this is obviously a nod to that. MI
LORDVDR "LORDVDR" was the closest variation of "Darth Vader" that was available in Michigan at that time! MI
REDSXO7 Red Sox won the World Series in 2007!! NH
MINIAC I'm a MINI Cooper maniac. AK
SKT SKT I was driving with my friend and we saw SKT SKT and thought it was pretty awesome. VA
MMMBACON Because who doesn't love bacon? NY
2BLND4U 2BLND4U there is someone else in the town that i live in that has TRUBLND well she is not a blonde so i chose 2BLND4U (to blonde for you) because most people tell me and am such a blonde and i have learned to blame all my mistakes, stupidity and ditzyness on my blonde hair!!! NE
R5KYB1Z In the movie Risky Business, Tom Cruise (Joel) joy rides his dad's Porsche 928 a few times...this is obviously a nod to that. MI
PAZ 2 SAV My husband has been saving to buy his car once the lease was up. So just telling the world, it pays to save! :) OH
CHEK M This is a breast cancer awareness plate and I just wanted to encourage women or their husbands to "CHEK M" on a regular basis! :) OH
SLZBAG Sleaze bag! AZ
OBAMA This is my license plate on my personal car. IL
GOTSNOW Either a stuck skier or a cocaine dealer MD
I-MATEY Pirate? NH
0-60IN4 I have this on the back of my 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 VA
V6 H0 Its got a V6 H0. I am surprised the state of Michigan let me have this one. MI
MMSPAM Either this person loves processed meat or enjoys a flooded inbox. VA
N0 H20 "N0 H20" No water needed to cool a aircool engine NY
4 FOXS none NY
KESLRUN I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so when I got my new Prius I had to get a Star Wars plate. In Virginia all the obvious ones were taken, but KESLRUN (for the infamous Kessel Run, which Han Solo claimed the Falcon ran in under 12 parsecs) was available. And so another nerd-plate was born.... VA
LOUHU unknown VA
LW &ORDA Either a lawyer/judge or a fan of the show! VA
POOPS what else is funny but poop? MA
3CAULKER I think the censors at the license plate office missed this one! CAN
I DO K9S I am a pet stylist giving dogs a "hairdo" :) WI
FANGS Fangs... My '65 427Cobra WA
NYTVA NYTVA stands for New York To Virginia. We moved from NY to VA via PA and when you say "to", sometimes it comes out tuh, not to, so it fit for us. VA
JUGGLE 3 JUGGLE 3 means 2 things: We have 3 kids, so I have to juggle time with them and I can juggle 3 objects. VA
ILLY AD English teacher of 3 years. MO
KIDINME Reachin' middle age you see. This car was meant to bring out the kid in me. MI
MUMBHAI MUMBHAI..... it is in the language "Hindi" from India. Where MUM(Mumbai i.e. the city previously known as Bombay) and BHAI(don) are combined to say MUMBHAI which means the don of Mumbai. AL
SKID-ROW I guess every rose has it's torn. VA
BELTEM Belt them on a kid's first license plate in Virginia :) VA
ICOMND I command on a Jepp Commander VA
BRN SUGA She's as sweet as brown sugar VA
DGRSFAN Dodgers Fan VA
KUF ME Cuff me! VA
SOXRUL Red Sox Rule VA
BCHN Bitchin' VA
WWHT EVR Whatever VA
NHRA NUT National hot rod association? VA
NA HE DNT it's from a rap lyric me and my friend wrote. we rap about how gangster we are living in a yet to evolve, redneck city. the lyric goes, "you know i got the windows tinted, with that thug ass license plate that says, NAH HE DIDN'T!" so yeah, i got that tattooed on my chest and put it on my license plate. OH
PRRSHSS This is my 2008 Corvette coupe. I am a Lord of the Rings fan -- and when I got the car, I started calling it My Precious... I told my husband that he serves the Master of the Precious. ;) WA
ZMZMBCH I drive a mazdaspeed 3, just think about mazda theme song.......... VA
CONEZONE Name of their Ice Cream Shop NY
XLNC my friends nissan altima says XLNC (excellency) lolz...... AL
NOTIBOI my loud honda civic with its tag sayin NOTIBOI (naughty boy) AL
LOCO 4U Crazy For You NY
-BUTWHY Every time I say no to my niece, that's the question she asks me. NH
ZRUSHH The Rush i get from driving my "Z ". Fast car love it~ CA
L8R OFCR It's my plate on a 2002 Silver Camaro Super Sport. Very Fast, gets attention and the plate fits it perfect. I take it to shows from time to time. VA
BO RHAP I am a huge fan of the band Queen and I wanted something that couldn't possibly bring to mind anything else but the song Bohemian Rhapsody. HOw'd I do? MO
TYRANUS saw this in wisconson must think hes really big to be that WI
BKLYNKID Brooklyn Kid NY
MDLFNGR I had a yellow mazda miata that could zip in and out of lanes very easy and I could tell it pissed people off so I put "middle finger" on my tag. After almost a year I got a letter from the state telling me they have had several complaints about my tag and to surrender it immediately. Of course I didn't! I think it slid past them because when I wrote it, I mixed uppercase and lowercase letters to throw them off! MS
FWD LOL Front wheel drive laugh out loud. implying front wheel drive cars are a joke! OH
IH8MYX I think he hates his Ex. HI
HI RSK Not really sure if the plate has any special meaning but a 40ish year old blond woman was driving... TX
RDAR B 8 Radar Bait on a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L Hemi IL
0-60IN4 This plate is on our black 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8. VA
S MY D Suck My D*@k is what I intended but i told the DMV it was "Sarah My Darling". say the least i got a letter yesterday saying it was revoked VT
FSTNFUN On my 69 Camero NV
YO MAMA I took this in a Wal-Mart parking lot in New Hampshire. VT
NO1LKSU This is not mine. But l laughed and had to snap a picture. "No one likes you." VA
8A HYBRD "8A HYBRD" This is my plate, I drive a fullsize truck with a big V8 engine and sometimes I get dirty looks from people in Hybrids so I decided it would be funny to give them something else to think about so Ate A Hybrid it is 8A HYBRD... VA
IM FASTR In case its not obvious enough, it means Im faster. I got it because I'm faster than the imports who think they are fast. OH
SJ SHRKS San Jose Sharks OH
R WIGGUM For all you Simpson fans out there NY
IM L0ST This person needs a GPS. PA
BUSHLIES This is the 2nd of 4 renuals for this tag. I couldn't understand why "Dubya" was re-elected in '04.I guess P.T. Barnum was right..... At first the comments were mixed, 50/50, but as time went on the positives were at 80 to 90 %. NC
IPATENT I saw IPATENT in the United States Patent and Trademark office MI
3PO N R2 C3PO and R2D2 CA
IM ILL Handicapped person says \"I\'m ill\": pretty much self-explanatory. MD
810WJB Blow job MO
OLDFART My plate, I'm 67 years old, car is a very fast Lotus Super 7 replica. NH
L8ASUSL This plates describes me perfectly. LATE AS USUAL!!! :-) VT
DOG SHO 4 This is my plate and since I drive my dogs to shows, work, vet, etc. I consider myself a dog "chauffeur". Hence th plate Dogsho4. IL
3XFUN Something is 3 times the fun NY
IEAT4RE I Eat Ferrari. WA
CRDT LMT This car maxed out my credit FL
GAME OVR this is my own plate. It's from old school arcade games where every time I saw that GAME OVER screen, it meant another quarter out of my pocket. I've had the plate for almost 8 years now. OH
MYONLY{heart} My favorite state and my one and only love... On the top and bottom of the plate it says: I feel the need... THE NEED FOR SPEED and that's for us speeder ;) CA
AH GEEZ Because drivers are dumb. AZ
K9CRUZR I use the Expedition to haul my Great Danes. MD
ITALIANO The ultimate Mafia Mobile....perfect for the Italian Luxury vehicles....Ferrari...Not some knock off...spelled correctly. NY
TRY ME self explanatory! MD
HOF MYAS I got tired of people tailgating me and dmv wouldn't let me have "off my ass", so this worked. no one rides my bumper anymore! VA
LOLROFL laugh out loud, rolling on the floor laughing attached to a 2009 Mazda 6. FL
SNUGGLE snuggle NY
URENVS It describes how I feel when driving my blazer around since it is customized. OH
BJELUS This is the plate on my 08 civic Si. I got this plate because I've worked hard since i was 14 to purchase my first car when i was 15 for $750.00. Since then I've had 5 cars which everyone always has something to say. Now that I'm 20 I got this car all on my own. I work hard and am in college and am in the process of being hired in a criminal justice field. Everyone always has something negative to say about me but I just brush it off and say their jealous. So all in all. BJELUS MD
AREOLAS self-explanatory MD
only bmw These are my plates...for NYC NY
GRR ARGH GRR ARGH is what the cartoon Mutant Enemy said as he crossed the screen after every Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel episode. I ordered the plates the day that BtVS ended. IL
ILVPUHZ I got the plate by a bet with a friend saying I couldn't get it, applied for it, next thing I know, it came in the mail, the plate is ILVPUHZ which means, I Love Pussy, Sad to say, when It was time to renew my plate, I got a letter from the DMV stating that someone reported it, and now I had to get a new one. It was great for a year though.. heh. AZ
FEIGELE Feigele is a Yiddish word meaning \\\\\\\"little bird\\\\\\\" but it is much more common Yiddish/Jewish slang word for \\\\\\\"Gay\\\\\\\" - usually a gay man. It isn\\\\\\\'t always negative. I saw this car parked on Fifth Avenue between 70th and 69th Street in Manhattan, NYC on August 20, 2008. NY
MUMZWRD Last name is Mumm. I've heard "Mumm's the word" many times. NE
PDQ GP Pretty Damn Quick Grand Prix OH
XCUZE M3 excuse me. me as the M3. CA
IBHOT My nickname is HotRod NV
UH8IN Because epople are hating on my car. "UH8IN" MD
YEEEEEE Yes, this is my plate and it's just another way of saying "Yeahhhhhh".. just like "geaaaaa" haha VA
WHRDUGO This is one of my old tags, now on my race car. I thought of it back in the day and I always pissed people off street racing. It means Where'd you GO MD
CARGASM The car is just a whole lot of fun to drive (I'm the owner) CAN
MACGEEK My husband's plates. He's an apple certified tech for a utah university. UT
CATTLADG Works in cat adoptions. NY
MISSBIZZ She is all business. Even has a digital banner underneath the front and rear plates. NY
PETSMART Owner works at PetsMart NY
MEANING Don't know the meaning of "meaning". NY
NGGAPLS Nigga' please.... how about DMV please? They must have been asleep at the wheel when they checked this one off as ok. VA
MOR CWBL More Cowbell - From a hilarious SNL skit starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell - Found in Omaha Nebraska NE
NT4SCCR Its on an 04 Tahoe. Reads Not for soccer. I didnt want to mistaken as a soccer mom. AL
NTMD8OR Some of us will always be Dale Sr. fans. UT
BRKBC MT BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: I saw this plate on the car in front of me driving down the road. The only meaning I can come up with that makes sense is "Brokeback Mountain." Talk about advertising!!! LOL!!!! OH
ISSONME 2Pac "Eyes On Me" FL
TIMMY Timmy from Southpark. VA
WHRUWN2B Where You Want To Be CAN
ILOVE24 I spotted this in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA on 8/9/2008. This clearly is a fan of the TV show "24". CA
STDBIME I believe the plate means "Stand by Me" but the plate can easily be read as "STD by me". The DMV clearly slipped when this was issued, which would have been in the mid 80's since this is an old California sun plate. Spotted on 7/5/2008 in San Francisco, CA CA
IM IN MY On a 2008 Honda Element (I'm in my........) VA
BUYA HSE Buy a house VA
ZYONARA Jap muscle car letting U know he's gone - like "Sayonara" dude... VA
IFRY RYC American car that "fries" Jap cars... VA
REDSNAK Red Ford Cobra - or Red Snake VA
RYCFRYR Rice Fryer - eats Jap cars... VA
CRUSH YU Bad orange Dodge - "Orange Crush" VA
300F a model of chrysler CAN
PSYMGNT Pussy magnet MD
M3 ETR M3 eater .... as per the 335i tt More than once I have raced an M3 and not once have they seen me in their rearview mirror ;-) TN
4 BLINDS none NY
N2 DUX In to ducks on a Virginia Duck plate. VA
2MPREZU My car is a Subaru Impreza so I combined "to impress you" and "Impreza" to get 2MPREZU AL
SNOBSTR SNOBSTR, on the back of a late-model Suburban. ID
CUTIEPI I saw CUTIEPI on the back of a red Grand Am, and had to take a picture of it. ID
LRD V8R Lord Vader CA
SKUBY Its my short version of Scooby GA
BUKKAKE! My roomate's plate straight out of the pack before it hit his Chevy Colorado. No explanation necessary. NC
RABBID it describes the way i drive my 08 VW Rabbit. Fun to cruise through downtown Dallas on 35E at 80mph when its only 65mph. Rabbid is a way of driving for us Rabbit owners. TX
4RCEBWU May the force be with you. Taken by Randy ( ) CA
LRD-V8DA Lord Vader. Taken by Adam ( ) VA
R2WHRU R2!?!?! Where are you!?!?!? Taken by Kim ( ) MO
V8R Darth Vader's Jeep. Taken by Johnathan ( ) AZ
GOTGEEK This is my wife's plate. I own a software dev company and I'm also an AVID Star Wars fan, among other sci-fi topics. Currently plate is on my wife's '02 BMW 325i. OK
BIGGEEK I'm own a software dev company and this is my plate. I'm also an AVID Star Wars fan, among other sci-fi topics. Currently plate in on my '08 Infiniti QX56. OK
KWEEFE It's a chick fart! CA
DDRKSDE The dark side taken by Giddy Girlie ( ) CA
UZ D 4S Use the force!

Taken by Fred Quezada ( )
VW-LOVR This was my first custom plate i had on my first vw bus. the picture of the bus is the only one i have with the plate on it, so i included a scan of the plate too to show the whole thing. it's meaning is obvious, but the funny story behind the plate was that at the time custom plates in MO were black and yellow, but custom truck plates were green and white. since my bus was green and white i wanted a truck plate! when i went to the DMV they said it wasn't a truck. instead of getting a car plate, i went to a different DMV, where another person said, "not, it's not a truck". so i went to -another- DMV, where the third person said, "sure, it's a truck". MO
UN-SUV This was from my mom's mini cooper S, the meaning is an obvious lighthearted jab at SUVs. MO
TON-YHW This is a reflection of my mom's old plate she had on her BMW Z3, reflected from the body of another Z3. the plate is TON-YHW but reads as WHY-NOT in the rear view of a car in front of her's. MO
DRZOOMN The plate has a double meaning. For those who don't know the model of the bike it's simply "Dr. Zoomn", but those who know the model know that it's also a reference to the model name which is DRZ400. CA
R2D2 3P0 A droid fan! Taken by Russ ( CA
J1GGA Jigga man VA
YODA I AM Yodi I am OH
MYSLUT Love my slut! VA
JEDI MOM Another all powerful mother! NC
OH NO3S!1 oh n03s, 4nth3r g33k NC
OBI-WAN Obi-Wan Kenobi HI
WHOZ H8N Who's hating? VA
STFU NUB Yet another shut the f*&k up newbie plate. Gamers must love vanity plates. VA
WINPLS LOL.. most people from Virginia feel the same way buddy! VA
SLO LOKI This guy is part of the Loki team I assume and drives slow due to the lowered suspension. VA
[HEART]GITARS Love guitars! CA
NOOB!!!!!!1 Stupid newbies! NC
JEDI MOM Definitely a "good" mom driving this vehicle. PA
JEDI TAO The Jedi philosophy & Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy VA
IFLYBY I fly by you! CT
ILOVEME I'm not even sure on what level this plate needs to be commented on. CA
BVR PLZR Beaver pleaser... he's definitely full of himself. VA
1TRUJEDI Only slightly into him or herself is them hmm? NY
SKERRT unknown CA
H4XOR Yet another hacker. WA
BALEX unknown TX
GOATSE More for shock value and nothing else! WV
FRODO 9 Lord of The Rings Fan TX
ALC HOL Alcohol VA
LICKIT Lick it! MI
DARKN3S Darkness VA
SUV2BIG This is on a compact :) VA
MACH ONE A mustang or just a super fast ride? VA
JEDISCM Jedi scum! CA
JEDI 4 The 4th Jedi? AL
POTLADY POTLADY is owned by a ceramics artist. I don't know if she get pulled over a lot or if she's constantly approached at traffic lights by strangers bearing money. MD
JDI NIT JDI NIT = the only possible way I could think of to get Jedi Knight on my plate. It is also my email address since when I first signed up for an email back in high school every incarnation of jedi knight was already taken. I would like to think Yoda was my master. ND
IDK & IDC If you text, you get it, if you don't, I don't know... I don't care, NH
YIPPEE Yippee!!!!! AL
LINEX VB Line-X of Virginia Beach VA
IHVSKL I have skill VA
DSIGN4U Design for you! Judging by the advertising you\'ll be getting some quality stuff! VA
00100001 I have no idea what this one means! NC
05 MACH 2005 Mustang Mach 5 TX
XMINIX Mini Cooper CAN
BAZDMEG unknown OH
HO-LYN1 hole in 1 WA
UD LOOZ You'd lose! I wonder what type of car this is on. CAN
HI IM TOM Hello, I'm Tom. WI
DINOSOR A really old Chevy AZ
I CUFF UM A cop for sure! WI
LOAZRAM Low ass Dodge Ram TN
DATZUN Datsun on an old 240 CAN
SXRXRNR sex drugs and rock and roll! TN
DRFATCAT Dr. Fat Cat club in NYC? NY
HOTWHELZ hot wheels! NY
ND4SPID Need for speed CA
FLYBYE 4 fly bye! OH
BYAAAAH Yes its my plate From the Dave Chappelle show a skit making fun of Howard Dean's speach. Its a saying for "Yeah" NV
STOP EPA Portage County, Ohio has had emissions testing for a number of years. To make a very long story short, it took me 2 years to PROVE my vehicles were not originally emissions equipt, and thus exempt, so I could title them due to lack of specific make/model literature at our emissions test station. Thus my protest with vanity license plates. OH
SCIATIC My younger brother is in a band in Charlottesivlle - Sciatic. These are the plates on the lead singer's Toyota 4Runner VA
8 A STANG License plate on my 95 Z28 8 A STANG "Ate a Mustang" OH
YE-HA Well, you can tell were in Texas.... TX
H3 As I was leaving a gas station, I saw "H3" on the back of a..well...H3. ID
OLDSRFR An old surfer. Great car too. CA
ILBBAK I'll be back WA
DLNKQNT An old delinquent – great attitude. TN
GR8 BOX Plate seen on the back of a Porsche Boxster in a parking garage. MO
U R L8 "You are late" TX
JEDIYOTA "Jedi Yoda" on a Toyota NC
DRKSYYD If you only knew the power.... of the Dark Side! CA
LYTESPD I just got my 2008 Corvette Z06. it's color is "velocity yellow" and reminds me of the gorgeous sunlit mornings in Miami, FL where I grew up, hence (Light). The Z06 has 505HP , hence (speed). So, putting it together we have (Light Speed) ceremoniously shortened to LYTESPD. VA
NO MO RTA My plates on a 03 alero.In Cleveland,Oh (go browns) public transportation is the Regional Transit Authority (aka R.T.A) which i rode for a very loooong time so when i bought this car bye bus. NO MO RTA!! OH
GRASS Landscape Update Company TX
ZOMGVTEK Saw this on the internet, and loved it. NY
OWNED When you race somebody and they smoke you, you then get to tell everyone that you got OWNED. In this case, my buddy in his RX8 will probably OWN you (as long as there are corners). CAN
XXXRXRR Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll CA
ROFL COPTER Google it for meaning It isn't mine, i saw it on the street. NY
000 my plate on Jetta IL
U WISHU 1 you wish you won, you wish you one (as in had one) IL
UNSLOW 1 The car is a 1970 Plymouth Satellite with a 493ci engine and 2 stages of NOS. IL
FN FAST 2 Say it quickly. IL
VIRUS My plate ... I'm in the computer antivirus industry. AUS
ULLDO This is my plate. Its ULL DO. Which means You'll Do. Like when a girl walks up to my truck at a show, and i tilt my head and think, "she'll do" TX
AMG LOL BMW M3 took a shot at mercedes performance division, with AMG LOL TX
PLAY 50 Play 5.0 (This is my personal car plate which tells other Mustang 5.0 owners, lets play or lets race) IL
IDIOT This driver is an idiot! TN
WOOKEE You need to be a Wookie to live in Alaska! AK
BLOGGER Yet another geek proud of their profession! OK
RIAA SUX This guy really hates The Recording Industry Association of America VA
BBAFTT A true Boba Fett fan.. and I guess a fan of the Autobots as well :) NY
BAKED This driver is totally baked bro... AZ
4RCEBWU May the "force be with you" CA
ROL2HIT unknown CA
ILEGAL1 This van was full of Hispanics...I am not sure if the plate means \"Illegal one\" or \"I am the Legal One\" VA
JMPJIVE I am the owner of this beauty. =) Jump, Jive and Wail is the inspiration behind my plate - I love swing dancing and this is one of my favorite songs to dance to! VA
XXSMALL XXSmall - Nuff Said. VA
CUNDMUD See you in the Mud! TN
C U ENVYN This is my plate. It means... See You Envying OH
REIFER Seen this today a girl driver .. flew by us like we were sitting still while I was doing about 60mph... so at 90mph when they finally stopped gaining on us and got stuck behind traffic I slowly caught back up to them... yep i think they were smoking too much "reefer" the way they hit curves at 90+ that i was riding my brakes at 75 to make... MO
HVABEER HVABEER: Every Australian wants GDAYM8 or something like it but what does an OZ say next....... "Have A Beer". It is also a very popular song at home. I have beed photgraphed many times and CHP always slows down when they come up behind me. As they pass they wave, or give me a thumbs up. CA
IH8WORK Funny story on this plate... The original was KROWKUF, but needless to say i was speedin got pulled over and the state trooper was a dick.... he drove me to the dmv and they confiscated the KROWKUF plates and so i got these. NV
WANKER This was my plate on my 1991 Dodge Spirit. The State of Virginia confiscated it when I attempted to move it to my new car. I'm from England, where wanker is slang for 'a fellow road user' as in 'Thanks for cutting me off, wanker', or 'slow down, you wanker'. My car ran to 390 thousand miles before it died and had many, many, large dings on it, so I figured that this plate would help people figure out what to say to me when I merged where I shouldn't, pulled out in front of them, or got in their way (at the end it wouldn't change out of second, good for maybe 35-40) VA
MEINU I have an Organ Donor plate in Arizona. The Letters are ME IN U. There are 2 meanings... when I die, my guts will donated and therefore "be in you" or the "other" meaning... the "other Organ".. AZ
50BEHAVE My plate. I'm an Austin Powers fan. ( and a fan of 5.0 Mustangs) NY
OMGSTFU oh my God, shut the f%^k up!!!!! MD
21UDT Navy frogman FL
SEAL II Navy frogman FL
UDT 4 Navy frogman OH
RETSEAL Retired frogman VA
UDT-4 Navy Frogman FL
ME NMYK9 me and my dog .... so where does the dog fit? VA
V8 FORD It's a V8 Ford! NJ
BLOG.TV The BLOG.TV plate promotes the owners BLOG.TV website. CA
FABU For my Summer and Winter convertibles, I wanted to get FABU and LOUS until I realized people would start calling me Lou and decided to give it a Latin flair! NY
EZMOM1 Saw this in traffic. The light changed before I could get her number. NY
GTRHERO Guitar Hero NH
HVNORHL Heaven or hell CAN
DEADAT[HEART] Dead at heart - on my hearse CA
V8HNTR V8 Hunter AL
MAC-USER Macintosh computer user. FL
A MILF I saw this in front of the elementary school I worked at. And no. She was not. VA
DUDE WTF We pulled up to happy hour and parked behind this car. Friend of mine in the car looked at me and said "Dude, what the f*ck?" I was confused, then say the plate. We laughed for quite some time. He just had to take a picture with it! FL
LEPRKON I'm an irish firefighter/bartender. The walking Irish stereotype. Had the nickname Leprecdhaun for years. VA
MOLE D Moldy? I didn't actually see any mold on it. OH
HACK3R HACK3R, your kidding me? I am now in Cali. I thought it was funny. The GA DMV went a hacker is a programmer, a cracker are the ones you have to worry about. GA
NOPRIM8 "No primate" referring to people being created by God and not descending from apes or any other life form. GA
CAR 4US CAR 4US translates into "car for us." MN
STRIPR I think the plate is self explanatory... my biggest question is how they get the wheel chair on the stripper pole? MD
NAP TYME As seen on a Lexus on Rt 50 in Fairfax VA
OHMYWOW A white toyota - on Fairfax Cty Pkwy in Fairfax VA
VGY TRBO This plate is going on my 1972 Datsun 240Z that I've converted to diesel turbo from an early 80's diesel Maxima and am running it off of vegetable oil! CA
GH ABC GH ABC is my plate. It is my tribute to my favorite daytime drama, General Hospital. NY
ICU2COP I See You To Cop. This was on my 2001 Toyota Celica. AZ
MPEACHW This is on my neighbor's car. I think the US Navy frame and "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnet make it even better TN
RB25DET I was amazed to find that this plate wasn't already issued. This is going on my '72 Datsun 240Z with an RB25DET Skyline turbo motor swap. CA
GOTNV GOTNV......I see alot of young men and older men looking at me and the bike (hayabusa) like how dare you ride that next to me....the young man cannot afford the insurance and the old man has the wife saying ( I DONT THINK SO)......thanks PA
JPG what your looking at- the picture file type of course- on a hot Porsche . probably the guy that invented it NH
70COGR My 1970 Mercury Cougar- couldn't believe it was available. MO
SNOWJOB with all the political sticker- it may be about what elected officials do. VT
GO BACK I asked the driver- He said he is going back to church again MO
WAY SUN on a convertible in St Petersburg FL
WANG 98 I guess it's their name and not their favorite computer or pet name for a certain body part IL
UBUGNME The plate is mine and on my 2004 New Beetle GLS Convertible. The plates original meaning was...U (You are in my daughter) The Bug and traffic with rude drivers it has other meanings. VT
IS FAST IS FAST is on a 500 horsepower Shelby GT 500 convertible. TX
PADYWGN The PADYWGN, which this plate is listed on, is a Volvo station wagon driven by myself, Paddy. It is also slang for a police vehicle used to haul away roudy Irishmen to the drunk tank. VT
REDHARE the plate REDHARE is on my Red 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, Also my beautiful girlfriend has gorgeous red hair. so, it has to meanings, Red Rabbit REDHARE girlfriends hair is red REDHARE. VT
DRTHVDR My black Buick Grand National... Darth Vader CAN
IMALTHAT I'm all that NY
VIBR8 Vibrate VA
WHEEEE It's the sound you make when you're on a fun ride. This is a VERY fun ride and I don't dread my commute any more. UT
N.G.R. I don't know what the true meaning of this plate is but I can only assume that the little old white lady driving the car didn't realize what it appeared to say. TX
SHOWOFF Speaks for itself. Had it on the back of my '04 vette for about 4 years. Just traded up to an '08 and moved it over. GA
SLWDWN Just to encourage fellow drivers to drive SLOW! Haha MA
BEERRUN These guys are on a beer run for sure. MI
MOB 68 1968 Mobster MI
2ORQUE Torque!!!! TX
FE XY Iron Man PA
EN PWANT From the Alternative Press - "Diaz does a point as she holds her personalized license plate, \\\"EN PWANT\\\" French for point, in front of her car" IL
TUTZROLL Tootsie roll on a brown MDX IL
D-WIFED From -

Larry VanHooser of Lexington, KY, has won $5,000 for his C5 vanity license plate, which reads D-WIFED. It was chosen the most humorous vanity plate in a nationwide contest conducted by car-care products company Eagle One in observance of the 65th anniversary of personalized plates in the U.S. Writers for "The Tonight Show" selected VanHooser's plate from among 10 finalists. More than 2,500 entries were submitted from all 50 states. A divorce prompted the battalion chief in the Lexington Fire Dept. to put the plate on his '99 Corvette. "It cost me $25 and the divorce cost me $100,000," he said.
JEDI Must be a Jedi Master onboard NH
BLUC00P Blue Cooper GA
WUNTU 1 2 on a Mini Cooper MA
SEE YAL See yal' ! LA
STFU-PLS Shut the f&*k up please!!! Seems to be a favorite abbreviation for vanity plates these days. VA
DUMB BLN I have dumb blonde license plates for few years now and I place them on upside down (as I am dumb). In April of 07 I rolled my jeep (black ice). A relative at the scene of the accident took the picture.. OH
OHBEHAV "Oh, Behave", as per groovy 60's swinger Austin Powers CAN
IM A PAIN My last name is payne..some would argue that I am a pain. double meaning :) OH
SSWT240 I got this plate for my \"first\" Datsun 240Z. It\'s pristine with documented 96k miles on it and it had virtually no rust. It\'s in the process of being resto-modded. It\'s going to be a car for regular track day participation. CA
DUMBLN dumb blonde..owner..plate on upside down to verify that the blonde is dumb OH
ACE T Honda only produced around 6200 ACE Tourer 1100's between '98 and '01. Mine is a 1998, and she rides like a dream! Tourer owners call them "T's", thus the plate. More pics of her at VA
UGLI PL8 It means \"ugly plate\". Last year Indiana had really hideous license plates. A farm scene in three shades of green. I thought I\'d tell the BMV how I felt. I\'ve gotten a lot of honks, waves and thumbs up from people in agreement. Ironically, on my way to pickup my new plate I got rear ended. That\'s Karma for you. IN
OMG RICE I got these plates mainly because I come from an area of NOVA full of ricers, so this should give them a chuckle as I pass them on the highway between school. VA
GSAS FRK "Jesus Freak" -- that's freaky... VA
I WAVE Corvette owners have waved at each other since the beginning. It seems that alot of owners of new Vette's have forgotten. Just a reminder. MI
1BADHHR On my HHR SS o to 60 in about 6 seconds not bad for a 4 cyl. econo box MI
BLOWWME plates on my G35, self explanatory VA
HU$TLER I am always looking for an angle to make more money so people are always calling me "hustler". NC
2GRL 1CP 2 Girls 1 Cup CA
ITSSEXY Since it's a corvette we all know "ITS SEXY." AZ
FNFUN2 F'n FUN2. I have a car that will be FNFUN, I hope. NE
ILVNRDS I Love Nerds. This is my own plate. :-) ID
UR2EZ When I ride my 2006 Harley Softail Deluxe, most chicks wanna get on, so once they do, the pipes are so loud, they #$% on my seat. So when they get off, I tell them, UR2EZ. Cut and dry. MD
NOT A Z none CAN
RU NUTZ Are you nuts??? CAN
LIL CZR After working for the company for many years and buying several vettes, I wanted everyone to know just who paid for my toys! OK
BAN-ONE From Smoky and the Bandit. NC
081 KOBE Original one of a kind LA Lakers Kobe Bryant 81 points on January 22,2006 Transferable if the price is right ! 081KOBE CA
SAABO2R This is my plate- I own a turbo Saab and so got the plates to say a nickname my husband gave me (oddly enough with reference to how I am with cars) but in a way that plays up it\'s \"Saab-ness\"...:) (Saboteur) IA
ROCKSTR Duh, its because I am a ROCKSTAR. This is on my 08 Tahoe OK
DUBLINR unknown VA
STPD PL8 Stupid plate VA
I11111I I11111I - funny VA
4X4 4MI4 4x4 for my 4 VA
AM4STRS Aim for the stars VA
FRMHELL Got the plate because it was built to be showcar with the evil type theme demon type, and having shosts fiberglassed in the back seat it went together, NM
STOKED Self explanatory, I am STOKED to be driving my 2000 Vette each day! IL
BXR PREP Boxer Prep. when BMW was running its Boxer series, the had a few bikes made to be track ready. I have an 04 Boxer Cup Prep. AUS
ISSONME I'm a big 2Pac fan and "Eyes On Me" inspired this plate. I used "SS" because the car is a Camaro SS. FL
WNABNZO If you can't have the real thing, you might as well be a wannabe. UT
SAY WHEN This is my plate. It's on a 2008 Mustang GT. It's a quote from the movie Tombstone. VA
9REDSX Another Sox fan - GO SOX!!!! VA
3BOYS FN unknown CA
OLIBEAR This is my '92 Jeep Wrangler. I'm a Filipino and most of the time they get B and V sounding the same. My name is OLIVER so OLIBEAR kinda comes out. CA
X-QZME Excuse Me ~~ I had this on one of my cars when I lived in New Hampshire. I was always in a rush to get somewhere and ALWAYS passed someone if given the chance. Just thought it would be nice to be courteous once I passed! lol NH
CARPEPM CARPE PM... sort of like Carpe Diem... but think about AM vs PM... get it?Seize the night! WV
BAD MERC Bad Mercury on my silver Mercury Marauder. FL
REDDICK Don't know how this one made it through the MTO CAN
SOXSUX I saw this "SOXSUX" Fraternal Order Of Police Virginia plate while driving in NJ a few years ago. I am assuming he hates the Red Sox. I don\\\'t blame him ! VA
H8METS I saw "H8METS" NY Yankees vanity plate on the rear of this Silver Jeep parked at the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY in 2007. This plate obviosuly belongs to a true Yankees fan ! NY
LATE SHO Show's late? Oh noes.. VA
LOL NOOB LOL NOOB -- pretty obvious! IL
KEPT MAN This is the plate on my husband's Chevy HHR. He is retired and I work full-time. After he retired, when anyone asked him what he "does" his response became "I'm a kept man". He came up with the plate himself with NO help from me! OH
WEEONE Wee One on a Cooper Mini MA
WIGWAM WIGWAM on a Saab from Wigwam Saab in RI RI
STRCRZ Star crazy RI
SPDBMP Speed bump RI
SIDEOUT Sideout (volleyball) NH
OSKIDZ Ocean State Kidz RI
MYMAX MY MAX on a Nissan Maxima RI
MYDOLL My Doll - spotted outside a dollhouse store RI
KATZAZ Cat's a**?? MA
JAMMN Jammin' RI
BKLYNB Brooklyn Bridge RI
BAGER Unknown RI
B52 B52 - could be a fan of the band or the bomber jet RI
469 unknown RI
HUMMR3 HUMMR3 on a Hummer H3 MA
COFCRM Coffee with cream RI
CHOCLT Chocolate RI
CBONE Unknown RI
CHKNPX Chicken Pox RI
ACKY Unknown ME
RDBONE Redbone fan? MA
GRTDNE Great Dane RI
FORPWR Ford power RI
PALEO Paleontologist RI
KAZAKH Could it be Borat? RI
SMADAMS Sam Adams beer fan MA
R0FLMA0 My plate is R0FLMA0 or rolling on the floor laughing my ass off PA
SIXFOOTR I caught this plate on a Lincoln. A tall good looking man got out of it. I am guessing he is over 6 feet. Ladies if you see this car around upstate New York check him out, he is hot. NY
LOW FUEL I'm always running out of gas so I figured it was time for a change OH
MPRMAMA Mopar Mama, it's on a 74 Plymouth Satellite AZ
HIOFECR/BYOFFCR Hi Officer, Bye Officer.. Had these plates on my car awhile back. Kept getting pulled over for both so I finally took them VA
PSSYCT I love pussy cats and thought it would be fun to also upset the "ultra conservative" snobs here in Virginia. VA
JESUS 1 Jesus is Number 1 RI
RELOK8 Relocate RI
RILAX RI Lacrosse RI
FUGE unknown RI
WA1ZAT unknown RI
BEP48 Ramdomly issued DMV plate on a woman's motorcycle... BEEP FOR IT! PA
1ARM Saw the Virginia License plate "1 LEG" Apparently that owner and myself share the same type of humor about ourselves. PA
2ND2NUN "Second To None" means 1st. It is on a 1923 Ford Roadster. World of Wheels winner, 700 HP, has appeared in 3 magazines. Goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds! GA
TNKUDAD "THANK YOU DAD" It kinda speaks for itself. I am twenty years old and right after Christmas just got a brand NEW 2008 Ford Edge SEL! GA
PR-VAMP These plates are from the previous owner. Obsessed with telling the world she was Puerto Rican and she was convinced she was a vampire. NH
0O0O0O0 My personal plate. I just wanted to see if the dmv would accept the plate. I have been pulled over 3 times in 1 year because of the plate (some cops think that its all O's or all 0's). PA
RYT WNG This is my redneck plate for my VA commuter vehicle, "RIGHT WING". Got this plate when I was working for NRA headquarters in Fairfax. VA
SWEEEET I got this plate right after the movie "Dude Where's My Car" came out. You would not believe the amount of people on the street that come up and repeat it back to me.. swwwweeeeeeeeeeettttt!! CAN
6T9 HER Need I say - this was auctioned off on Ebay. CAN
H8S OPEC i hate OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties). you know, the assholes that have the world by the throat by manipulating oil production and driving gas prices to a all time record high! this plate is on my 1978 Mercedes Benz 240D (diesel), which i have running on vegetable oil! my car supports the american farmer, not that cartel in the middle east! CA
STOL3N Stolen! NH
MCHAT2D Much Attitude!! Enough said NV
IH8PEPL I hate people! MD
MRNASTY It explains it all. DE
MARKYMRK OMG! It is the leader of the funkybunch! NY
ALLRIZE My car is a 1969 GTO "Judge"; I'm not the first to get a similar plate but they are hard to get as most of these cars have vanity plates... others I've seen: JUSTICE, GUILTY, ALLRISE, ETC. MD
u shakin This is on my vette.........ushakin PA
LUV24WL LUV24WL.....Love to four wheel GA
USHIP These are the plates on our big green company school bus. Yes, we have a big green company school bus. What of it? It has Astroturf. And horns. That's just how we roll at uShip, the online shipping marketplace. If it would be at all possible for you to include a link to our vehicle shipping page, we would be very appreciative. The code follows: uShip Car Moving
PCDOC Inspired by working at a hospital repairing computers and run a business doing the same. It is common to look in the rear view and see people laughing after they make the plate out. The fire fighter part well everyone should volunteer for their community doing something what do you do? VA
H8 KRYM Hate crime? VA
I M EZ I had two Harleys at one time, these were their plates. Now the RUEZ is on one of my cars. OH
GEEK 2 U This was on my service vehicle a MINI Cooper that we used for my computer company. OH
R U EZ It's mine, was on my Harley (I'll upload those in a second) then transfered it to my car a few years back. BMV has tried to not issue it more than once, I've had it for 12 years! Kept telling them it was Easy the plate have girls stop me and say YES OH
2-BOBBY see rear window - explains tag - Haleiwa, HI HI
SUGAR-1 Tag for business - at the old sugar mill, Waialua, HI HI
GUN GIQ My primary hobby is Guns, and I am a Geek by trade [paid for my brains instead of my sweat or my prescence] I own this plate. IL
AXCLR 8 On my 1999 Superhawk, a motorcycle that axclr8's pretty quickly. I own this plate. IL
ISL G1RL Island Girl VA
1GOTAHD I got a Harley Davidson VA
CMEB4DK See me before dark VA
ESTEEOH My plate means STO, as in Special Touring Option. It's one of 1500 of the last "NA" version of the old body style Miata with the flip-up headlights and has an emblem inside bearing "1397", meaning 1397 of 1500 STO's made. After that year, the models became "NB's", without the body style that had been manufactured since 1989. AZ
JSZGURL JSZGURL = Jesse's Girl. This is my plate on my black H2 Hummer. As a child, my favorite song was "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield...and I swore to my father that when I grew up I would be "Jessie's Girl!" And now I am - married to a wonderful man whose name happens to be Jesse; therefore, I'm "JSZGURL" CA
DNT1LTR Don't liter! MI
ROLL Roll - Roll on down the road! VA
DAVO I like the sceenery better than the plate VA
BYKKIN BYKKIN =Riding. It was taken at a bike week in the Outer Banks NC 07. Note one on right - N2BYKN VA
CZY4PNK It was a girls bike - Crazy for Pink - NC
WHARF WHARF - goes with seafood Restaurant - Harpoon Larry's VA
OL-GLORI Patriotic VA
WEEHA It is mine. This shot was on my Sportster, it is now on my Electra Glide VA
HOG001 It is mine. Hog rider VA
CRUZNKD I'm a nudist who happens to drive a PT Cruiser. Hence, the meaning is "Cruise Naked". It is my car, and my plate. MD
MOGVET Mogadishu Veteran WA
MRTGS Translation: Mortgages FL
F-IT This is not my vehicle. At first, I thought it was a plate about the model of the car--then I got the joke. OK
LUV24WL "I love to four wheel" my 99 Jeep Cherokee. Responsible off roading on legal property. GA
BXOFRN Box of Rain - Grateful Dead song RI
ICU 1 ICU - Intensive Care Unit RI
USGS Unknown MA
TYMOUT Either a parent or a sports official! RI
SZMTRZ Size Matters MA
SWIMPC Swim PC (Providence College?) - spotted outside the Bryant University pool house RI
SPEED 1 Company truck for "The Speed Shack" in Norwood, MA MA
SPD RACR Speed Racer DC
SOX Member of the Red Sox Nation RI
SAND Sand, maybe "SanD" (Sandy)? RI
RJSBMR RJ's Beamer? MA
PRINZS Princes? RI
PESTY Company car for New England Pest Control Co. RI
OOG Unknown MA
OBVSLY Obviously NJ
NZONE End zone? Nice Mercedes convertible, spotted on Rte 1 near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro - I'm betting this is a Patriots player MA
NESN 1 New England Sports Network MA
MATATA Hakuna Matata - No worries RI
MALCO 1 Unknown, but my dad's name is Mal, so I had to submit it RI
JBEAN 1 Jelly Bean RI
IRIS 11 Unknown RI
IOWA 83 Iowa MA
HRBWYF The Herb Wyfe, a store in Wickford, RI RI
HKY-MOM Hockey Mom NH
EARS 2 Spotted this at the doctor's office RI
DDONUT Dunkin Donuts RI
COORS 1 Beer drinker RI
CAR 54 Car 54, where are you? Providence! RI
BUGTLK This plate belongs to the host of the local weekend "Bug Talk " radio show, owner of NE Pest Control (home of the "Big Blue Bug" on Rte 95 RI
BRATS Clearly a loving, Christian (note the Jesus fish) parental sentiment RI
AQUA 66 Unknown MA
AAIII Unknown RI
469 Not technically a vanity plate... RI
QIKAZEL It means quick as hell. Its on a 1/4 mile racing street/strip car. PA
ID HIT IT IT'S MY PLATE . 2004 YELLOW HUMMER . JUST A JOKE BETWEEN FRIENDS . (this is a better picture than the last one i sent ) IL
BUDGIE Not a clue... HI
LAX2CLT I moved from Los Angeles, CA to Charlotte, NC. Using the airport codes for both cities, I let the world know. NC
MFNYODA Mother F@ckin' Yoda MD
HER DSM I'm a GIRL and I own a DSM (diamond star motor). I just got tired of people asking me if it was my boyfriends car! They're still surprised when they pull up and see a girl! FL
VIRCOP License Plate from a guy's car who works at a computer anti-virus company (Virus Cop) EU
STOP ME Its mine. If a cop pulls me over, I just say its a cry for intervention. FL
EM ETIB Read it backwards that should explain all. "BITE ME" was deemed offensive so I got the next best thing. My grandkids think I'm weird. VA
EXPLOIT The plate is mine and I'm the owner of this SUV (Toronto, Ontario). I picked 'EXPLOIT' because the term "exploitation" carries meaning of utilizing something for any purpose. In this case, "exploit" is a synonym for "use". And this badass truck is being used like no others ever seen. CAN
1 SCOUSR A Scouser is a native or resident of Liverpool, England. VA
TAX CUTR Keep the cuts coming!! WI
KRIM its a lifestyle AUS
L2P[HEART]NUB Learn to Play Noob! CA
24 7 GEEK He's a geek all the time.... set in the perfect "All your base are belong to us" license plate frame no less. IA
LICPL8S Duhhhhhhhhhh... No kiddin', they're license plates? And U paid extra $$ to DMV for that idea??? Oh well, takes all kinds... VA
TRYPASN I get tired of people asking if my Mustang is fast and started telling them, just TRYPASN to find out. OH
YES CHEF I heard the phrase "Yes chef" called out constantly by the cooks on the show Hell's Kitchen and thought it would make a great vanity plate. Hope you enjoy! OH
YYROKNW Our plate started out as our two cattle brands, a "YY" and a "Rocking W", however, soon after we got them, a friend pointed out that they read "Why You're OK Now!" ....and thats alright, because I am also a volunteer EMT! MT
LEX4BOB Lexus for Bob NY
ZOOM BY U This is my plate that I chose when I first got my '04 SATURN ION Red Line. The car was designed by General Motors High Performance Division and was the first car equipped with the Supercharged 2.0 L ECOTEC. It will run 14.50s at 100 MPH in the 1/4 mile and has a top speed of 145+ MPH. A high performance SATURN... go figure. ZOOM BY U drew too much attention from police and I was pulled over several times in 2 years just because of the plate (no tickets), so I switched it out to my current SCCA STX. The cops were always surprised to see a 50 yr old instead of a 20 something in this car. OH
SCCA STX My plate on my '04 Saturn ION Red Line. I autocross the car and it falls into the SCCA Street Tire eXtreme class (STX) due to a K&N cold air intake that I installed. This car surprises many because it is supercharged and designed by General Motors High Performance Division and has been dyno'd at 281 HP and 209 Torque both at the wheels. The car will run 14.50s at 100 MPH in the quarter mile and has a top speed of 145+ MPH. A high performance SATURN... go figure. OH
COLDGIN Cold Gin is a song on the first KISS. I've had this plate since June 1990. Ironically, in August of 1990 while at a KISS concert, I was invited onstage by Paul Stanley to introduce one of their songs, the song I introduced was "Cold Gin". Straannnnggeeee This plate gets all kinds of reactions. Mostly laughs. TN
RAM AIR Ram Air was a very intimidating competition-busting icon developed by GM in the late 60's to promote sales during the height of the musclecar wars. It functionally provides cooler denser outside air to the engine which also adds horsepower. The moniker was recently revived in GM's 98-02 Trans Am WS6 model by introducing a very sinister looking twin hoodscoop design which in the eyes of the buyer sent these cars to victory without even running a single race. Words speak volumes, and in this case, the two words Ram Air have been instrumental in contributing to the horsepower race of the 60's & 70's as well as re-igniting the horsepower war that we currently see going on today. The Muscelcar Lives! Long live RAM AIR! CAN
WETODD self explanatory - retard VA
G8ORZZ This is my cousins plate on his 1989 Ford Probe. He is a Redskins and Gators fan. G8ORZZ (GATORS) VA
FABU My 1999 VW Cabrio (2nd generation) - The first FABU was a Red Cabrio (RIP).

FABU is a word my friends and I have used for many years to describe something wonderful, delightful, and yes, fabulous. I made a positive change in my life quite a few years ago and when I went to register my car – I thought my life is pretty Fabulous and I chose to let the world know my life is now FABU.

When the weather is warm and the top is down, everything is FABU.
LOL WTF This is my plate ... LOL WTF on a silver Lexus IS300. Meaning should be self explanatory. FL
DONTALK This is my Plate. Dedicated to: #1) Tony, the owner of The Grub Hut Restaurant in Millvale, PA. #2) My mother-in-law. #3) My wife. The meaning is simple " Don't Talk " !!! PA
+WHIT- Whit NH
VOLVO 9 Volvo RI
TANKU2 Thank You too MA
SAXXC Sax Sexy? MA
ROUTE-66 Route 66 NV
PA Maybe a grand"pa" ? RI
MLES2GO Miles to Go - appropriate on a Lincoln Navigator! NH
MELT 2 Melt (funny next to the snowbank) RI
JIMSOX Gym Sox (spotted outside the Bryant University athletic complex) MA
HW-TEMP Unknown MA
HF MILE Half Mile (spotted outside the Brown University track & field house) CAN
GPAINT Giannangelo Painting MA
GAP 1 Gap CO
ESCOLA Escola ("school" in Portugese) RI
CREWM 8 Crewmate MA
BONO Bono (U2) RI
BLKPRL Black Pearl (restaurant in Newport) RI
MUT-ADJ Mutual Adjuster? RI
ARE EN My plate, "registered nurse". RN was too boring, and already taken. NJ
NO TAG Funny stories.... GA
HEART 1 none RI
MT VIEW Mountain View, which is ironic, as I caught this plate against the skyline of Providence. Of special note, the guy was shaving as he drove. NH
K2JR4U My fav football player. K2! Go Browns!!! OH
SHRED My plate. Infiniti FX 35. To shred is to windsurf, snowboard, hang-glide etc. You know you had a good time if you come back with shredded clothing or equipment (where the term originated in the 80's). NM
G8R H8R Can't Wait To Drive Through Gainesville - Go Noles! CAN
IMPORTS This is a pic of my IMPORTS license plate on my 99 Nissan Maxima. NJ
REDDICK Actually, it's the guy's name, but I still wonder how it passed the Ontario DMV... CAN
EBAY The picture shown here is of my EBAY license plate which was on my 1990 Mazda MPV 4WD until recently. First the front plate was stolen and then the van died on me. It will soon be seen on my next vehicle! NJ
CNTRYBM Country Bum, on my Dodge Truck VA
NO TAG NO TAG, several outstanding parking tickets in Houston for this plate, but not for my vehicle(officer writes in NO TAG when there is NO TAG on the vehicle he is ticketing) Plate is mine. TX
HNDYMN I'm a professional handyman. I got this plate shortly after vanity plates became available in Wis. It's a good form of advertising, and an icebreaker at estimates. WI
PATS1X3 As a New England Patriots fan, I can plainly read this as "PATS WON x 3" referring to Super Bowls XXXV, XXXVII and XXXIX. Hoping this plate will soon be outdated as we approach Super Bowl XLII.............GO PATS!!!!! NH
FERMOY Possibly refers to town of Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland? MA
CHER 7 Cher 7 MA
ME 2 Me too RI
DRTBOS Dirt Boss? MA
VIM PWR There is a secret holy war in the geek kingdom. In hacker culture, the holy war of the editors is an ongoing debate in the computer programming community about which text editor is best for general-purpose editing. The two largest camps are those favoring vi and those favoring Emacs.

My weapon of choice, in this holy war, is VIM (Vi IMproved). VIM is vi on steroids.

Thus my plate shows my allegiance (VIM PWR). VIM Power

Some of my working associates have said, I should have opted for VIM GEEK or VIM NERD. But who do they come to when they need VIM advice? To me of course....... the VIM GURU.

Long live VIM!!!!!!!
SH11TBX This is my plate for my Mazda 626. I got the car for free and it looked like sh*t. So I went to the DMV and flirted w/ the lady at the counter. VA
DAMNIML8 i'm always late, and actually i'm surprised the dmv let me get this NY
BROHEN unknown RI
KESA1 unknow RI
RECON1 Reconnaissance RI
SNOMN Snowman - very appropriate on the snowy winter day I saw it! MA
3VOM U Reads U MOVE in your rearview. It is one one of my cars and is a real plate. I used to do alot of highway driving. MN
REPENT Snapped this photo while waiting at a jug handle. What does the sticker say on the bumber? 'Got Jesus' NJ
MRGRTVIL Margaritaville NC
ORGNZE Organize RI
HIBOBY Hi Bobby - Not sure what the "Remember Bobby" motorcycle bumper sticker refers to? RI
DROP DED Drop dead in a handicap spot. VA
ILUVMUD I love mud! NJ
MATSDAD Matt is my son. This plate is on my 1983 Chevrolet El Camino NV
SMOKED Plate has two meanings One was you got smoked in a race and the other cause i quite smoking MN
56VICKY This plate is on my 1956 Ford Crown Victoria NV
It's how I feel when I driving my 1957 Chevy pickup.
UMUMUMM It's what you say when you taste something good. It's on my 1941 Plymouth panel delivery truck. NV
IDO HAYR A "DO" doer - wonder if she does "big hayr"... VA
IM LOWR Custom truck with airbags to make it the lowest sitting truck around. TX
DR GONZO No, I am not a doctor. Dr Gonzo is the late great Hunter S. Thompson. For those who do not know him he is the person Johnny Depp played in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. IL
TAPOUT Tap Out - martial arts related? RI
SPRKY1 Sparky 1 MA
FUEL 1 Unknown MA
CENTO unknown MA
PLAHRD Play hard RI
BBB 3 Better Businss Bureau? RI
IWIRE1 none RI
MACH 2 none RI
BLUESKY This is what parachuter's wish to one another. VA
TTTTTT9 69 - six "t"s and a 9 PA
ROYGBIV Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet ... Colors of the RAINBOW PA
EXQUSME "Excuse Me" Observed on an unknown make automobile in Chantilly, Virginia. It appeared to be some kind of kit car. VA
H8T-TRFC "Hate Traffic" Observed on a Black Toyota Celica in Chantilly, Virginia. Northern Virginia has heavy traffic congestion thus.. the need for one to hate traffic. VA
RBN1OUT "Rubbing One Out" In reference to a man performing manual manipulation of his male organ. Observed on a silver Jeep in Chantilly, Virginia. VA
WARH8R "War Hater" on a Vietnam Veteran plate observed on a maroon Honda pickup truck in Chantilly, Virginia. VA
VBR8ME "Vibrate Me" Observed on a blue Pontiac in Chantilly, Virginia. VA
FN NUTZ "F#@king Nuts" Observed on a unknown vehicle at the Fairfax County, Virginia court house. VA
MEEOWH "MEOW" with a paw print border frame seen on a silver vehicle in Chantilly, Virginia. VA
SPK-ENG \"Speak English\" observed on a blue pickup in Chantilly, Virginia. Northern Virginia is a haven to Spanish speaking illegal aliens who sometimes cannot... speak English. VA
JIHAD JO A spoof on "G.I. JOE" observed on a silver Mistubishi in Chantilly Virginia. VA
OSI-IIT "OH SHIT" On a black Acura TSX illegally parked in a handicap space in Chantilly, Virginia. Unfortunately, the driver was given a ticket and the tag reported to the DMV. VA
WATEV Like, what ever... VA
RUGBYRN Company Name: Byrn Carpet Service (yes pronounced Burn - like Sun Burn) They are a flooring company. They are always on their knees doing something. VA
ACT 1 none RI
CATH 1 none RI
CRAF unknown RI
EXXON 5 none RI
HEMI 24 Yeah, it's got a hemi... RI
LOURO 1 none RI
MARCI 2 none RI
PECK Unknown RI
REKO 1 none RI
SELL IT sell it RI
STENO 2 Stenographer RI
TINA 73 none RI
WLSBCH Wells Beach (Maine) MA
LOMOFO It is the plate on my custom Toyota pickup. When parked, the truck lays out on the ground so the plate is LOMOFO which means LOW MOTHER F****ER. Pretty self explanatory, and it gets a lot of comments either when it is in a parking lot or at a truck show. I picked up the phrase MOFO from watching shows on TV where they would attempt to censor the language and would insert the word MOFO for MOTHER F***ER. I have had the plate for close to seven years with no intention of ever letting it go. KY
XXX1XXX I got this just because I liked the way it looked. VA
H8MYWIF hates my wife...someones not happily married!! LOL VA
HNGLKE Hung like a bull... too bad I couldn't move the bull :( NY
W LIED Pretty straightforward -- a statement about the (many) lies told by President George W. Bush. We actually saw someone in Virginia with this plate and decided to get it ourselves. First we got the DC version, but when we moved to Maryland we got it here, too. MD
GRLCAH Girl Car.... or as we say in Boston Girl "Cah". 2001 VW Cabrio MA
HAXXOR I was in Reno, NV for the Marine Corps Ball, and I saw a car with the word "HAXXOR" on the license plate. Being a hacker and video gamer myself, I thought the plate was priceless, and took a picture with my friend's camera. NV
F A HEMI F*&k a Hemi VA
CUBS MAN I was surprised it was still available when I got it!!! IL
UPW1ND Gotta be a pilot - "downwind" ain't the way to land it - it's a "leg" of the approach though. VA
AVEA1A All good "parrot heads" know where A1A takes you... Buffett fan, fer sure! VA
MMMTANG Pretty self explanatory MD
SUEY A pig sound/Harley Davidson IA
IPMS247 Jodi says "I PMS 24/7" so stay back! IA
GRRNT GRNNT combined with the animal lover tag is a funny combo TX
8 ER OUT Another oral fanatic slips by DMV VA
LTLWNG little wing MA
BSTILL be still MA
NIKRSN state park on Cape Cod MA
RDSOX Red Sox Nation member RI
TAFFY1 none RI
TSTWRT NASCAR Fan - Tony Stewart # 20 RI
W4C none MA
Z3Z none MA
NO FEARR No Fearr My plate Originated many years and many cars ago on a 89 bronco monster truck! PA
PHA QGM F@#K you GM This is my plate. On the back of my supercharged mustang. As you can see, I hate General Motors. (at the track, the GM guys usually can't figure it out) PA
4SOFBAL For Softball AL
UM REB1 University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Rebels AL
THEUNV THE University of Alabama AL
UPGREYD Upgrade to a gray BMW AL
STFU Shut the F**k Up ND
XLR8Z Get on your bad motor scooter, and ACCELERATE OH
SEO Dan owns the Search Engine Optimization company, Hay Meadows SEO and enjoys the questions and looks all saying, "What the heck is that?" WA
CIVLWAR I'm a Civil War reenactor/living historian and also battlefield preservationist. I live for all things Civil War both blue and gray. This plate is ME! SC
UNCAGED UNCAGED= Free as a bird riding my Harley Softail...also means not in a car FL
GONE WTW gone with the wind NY
42K RNNR Marathon runner NE
TOY YODA This is my plate for the last 4 years or so (yes, I actually drive this car to work everyday!). It is actually a 3-way pun. 1) car is a \"Toyota\", 2) it\'s full of Yoda toys, 3) when it comes to Star Wars toys, I\'m as smart as Yoda -- I am the Toy Yoda! VA
F-HILARY Saw this plate on a VW Jetta in Harrisonburg, VA VA
MKE 1T SO "Make It So" is Captain Picard's catchphrase on Star Trek TNG. WI
8B8B8B8 Saw this on a BMW..... they wont know what plate you got.. ERHM ... his plate is BBBBBB .. erhmm no i think its 8888888 .... BOOM NO PLATE FOUND NJ
KC FANS Kansas City Chiefs Fans GA
XPL TIV The DMV website said you couldn't have explitives, racist or offensive materials...I guess I beat the system! Must say though, the plate said it all after being hit by a woman turning left in front of me. I flew over her car and did a flip! Made cops laugh when I got pulled over me out of a ticket. VA
XCELR8N accelerating UT
CUM4YOU I saw this tag last year at a local electronic's store. I could not believe that someone would have this as a tag and that it slipped by the DMV! GA
CHIMBA Chimba means "pretty or nice things" in Columbia but depending on how it is used, Chimba is also Columbian slang for "p*ssy". GA
CTU 1 Jack Bauer's car. OH
URLUZN It's the plate on my Mustang. If you can read it, your losing. DE
SCRYRYD I own this car/plate. The plate SCRYRYD (Scary Ryde) describes our hearse. With the booming sound system, remote start, exhaust flame kit, and suped up motor, it is quite a scary ride. AL
KC FANS Kansas City Chief fans GA
STRIKR Apparently a soccer fan. FL
GDDUPP Giddy Up! The plate is on a 465hp, blown 2006 Mustang GT, and this horse will run! CA
TOFU TOFU, because it was random, my car is white as well, and i'm asian MA
ITLBITE It's a Cobra...and if you try to race it, it'll bite you! MD
WHYZAZZ wise ass this is my tag, since been renewed, so slipped past dmv twice now, is now on back on my jag FL
BAMA SM My tag.I am an Alabama Crimson Tide fan.They don't have University of Alabama plates in North Carolina,so I got a friends of the Smoky Mountains(sm)plate with this on it.ROLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLL!!! NC
4 VOLS 4 VOLS = For Tennessee Volunteers (in Georgia) GA
INDIANA This is my license plate. It stands for the state of Indiana where I lived during most of my formative years and still feel a strong connection to and for Indiana University of which I am a graduate. VA
SPEEED I got this plate about 15 years ago because it suited my driving style in the BMW I drove at the time. Since then, it was profiled on Canada's Worst Driver (Season 2) and is now Canada's most notorious plate ;) Nowadays, even a request with the word REV in it will be rejected as supporting speeding, so my plate would NEVER be issued in todays climate of political correctness. CAN
WAYLON Waylon Jennings, greatest singer ever. VA
C U IN AC I guess they go to atlantic city ALOT !!!! saw them on the Garden State Parkway in NJ. NY
MNCHMOI Munch Moi evolved from the name AOL made me get rid of, EatMeOU812. So I created the name MunchMoi, meaning Bite Me, and got the plate. VA
SND SLUT This is my plate on my work truck. I am a female live sound engineer. VA
HOGTY EM Gotta "Hog Ty" those b!tches..... WI
1HOTRSN One Hot Russian! GA
YSMSTRS i think it's pretty obvious. Yes Mistress...I think it's pretty inspirational... CA
QWIK HUH My 96 Cobra is much faster than people expect it to be so when someone races me at the track and they are amazed I am pulling away from them the plate ways it all My cobra is pretty quick huh? QWIK HUH happened to fit on the plate PA
B CAREFL On a small 250 cc motorcycle, a reminder to all drivers. FL
DOXIN & DOXIN2 At a pet fair, a short young man offered to pet sit our short canine for a short time while we went to visit the felines. He asked the breed of our dog and wrote a short descriptor…short enough to fit on a license plate! Just as our top government officials fly in specially designated aircraft we got another plate loosely patterned after the naming convention of AF1 and AF2. CERTIFIED. FL
IM EVIL I'm evil KY
OBEY ME I'm a girl who drives a blacked out mustang with the tag OBEY ME. Most people get a kick out of the tag when I roll down my window and they see me in the car. But most times people are aggressive near me because they think I am some a**hole. It definitely makes my driving experience entertaining. FL
I1221ME i-one-two-two-one-me I wanted something easy to remember and somewhat creative but not so conspicuous that it couldn't be mistaken for a randomly issued plate to the untrained eye, so I came up with this tribute to that most excellent song by Cheap Trick--I Want You to Want Me! WV
REDSOX4 Red Sox fan in Georgia GA
KIDLESS Hot car, hot chick, no baggage. Giggity! OH
SNOFLKE this plate belongs to me. and it stands for "snowflake" which is my nickname that was given to me by a friend's brother since i am really pale pale white!!!!! This name has stuck with me forever now. and i love it and i will never ever get rid of/give up this plate!!!!! NV
OMG LOL We saw "OMG LOL" on the back of a car in front of us on our honeymoon in Montana. We were actually in bad traffic which was the only way we got the picture. OMG is computer shorthand of "Oh my goodness (or God)" and LOL is short for "Laughing out Loud". Nerds actually use such shorthand in actual face-to-face conversation with friends these days. (I myself have been known to). CAN
BHLTHY Be Healthy VA
I [HEART] KORN I love KORN!!! The group, what is there to say!! TX
LIFSTYL Living the Las Vegas LIFESTYLE (Choose your LIFESTYLE) NV
BILL Not quite sure if this was the driver's name, or if he is an attorney!! RI
SNOCAR This is the license plate on our third car, a Subaru, which replaces my Nissan 350Z on snowy days in New England! RI
NOIDEA After following this vehicle for several miles in the Boston area and judging by how this individual drives, I think the license plate needs no further explanation... MA
CLDCHSR CLDCHSR = my online name, Cloudchaser TN
09 F9 These are the first four digits of the AACS LA processing key for HD DVDs and Blu-Ray discs discovered earlier this year. It caused the whole Digg meltdown on the day I bought this car so I felt it was only right to get the plate for it. KY
OW!MYARM The driver lives a life of constant pain. NC
MYVELLE MYVELLE is my '70 Chevelle convertible. I've owned it for 25 years now and unfortunately it's been in storage for several years and is no longer roadworthy. I plan to resurrect it one of these days. KS
VERYSMRT Saw "VERYSMRT" on a Smart car. Obviously a Simpsons fan to boot. CAN
BIT YA This lives in my condo building. It is on a Roush Mustang Cobra. Not seen it the window top with "VENOMOUS". FL
GOTBAIL Either this person is a bail bondsman or they are playing off the speed of the car assuming they'll be pulled over soon :) AR
PRY2MRY I saw this while on the I-10 in SoCal CA
MR GEEK mr geek CA
CHRYGST This is my plate. It means "Cherry Ghost" which is a phrase from the Wilco song "Theologians" on the album A Ghost is Born. I'm a huge Wilco fan and wanted a plate to reflect that, but didn't simply say "Wilco" (although that is available still in DC). It's been fun introducing people to Wilco when they ask about the plate or meeting fellow Wilco fans that know what it means from the start. DC
A HEPCAT I am a swing dancer with a car named after a big cat... this is on my Jaguar. PA
IHV80D I Have ADD...Got Ritalin? My plate because I got it. NH
GG NOOB Good game noob GA
IM BLOND I saw this on a Pink Mazda Protege. And sure enough, she was blonde! Sorry for the angle, snapped it going by. PA
RB NO GO It is my plate on my 2007 mazda3. RB means roast beef and NO GO just means no go. its a manlaw FL
DVILLAIN I purchased a black Cadillac Deville and tinted the windows pretty dark. I enjoy passing people and want to let them know it's not their's all mine. NC
P4X0RZ Cross a Linux geek with a Green Bay Packers fan, and you get this plate. H4X0RZ (hackers) - P4X0RZ (packers). Only thing that sucks about this plate is having to explain it to people time and time again. Yes, this is my plate and my old car. I was driving home from work, some guy behind me took a picture, posted it on his site, a friend from IRC saw it and let me know about it. WI
YELOHA While on vacation in Maui this past October, I saw "YELOHA\ and thought it was picture-worthy. Very creative. HI
YELOSNO Not mine. It was on a yellow pickup. I had to stretch the zoom on my camera and the lighting conditions were bad. ND
SWD4HIRE (this is my own license plate) "SWORD FOR HIRE" - I, the owner of the vehicle, performed, for many years, sword/weapons-based stage combat and choreographed swordfighting at Renaissance Faires, pirate festivals and sci-fi/fantasy conventions. NC
WHOAHRSY Whoa Horsey is what you would say to slow a horse down. My car is a mustang that gets raced at the track a lot. Everyone els has giddy up etc, I never saw this plate. Also a good conversation peiece at car shows. NY
U8DUST A white soccer mom minivan that taunts passersby with U8DUST. Oftentimes, people (particularly upstate New Yorkers) will take this to heart and get angry and whip around the duster. Here she is after accidentally hitting a deer -- the irony... VA
UNWELL unknown OH
SANTAK Is it the real Santa? All the kids seem to think so. Gary Kline plays Santa for the children every year and so says his plate... Santa Kline. VA
MNAICS Short for MAINEiacs (Lewiston ME, QMJHL Hockey) ME
PALNDRM This is the plate on my 2007 Honda Civic. The meaning of the plate is Palindrome, which is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward or backwards. The name/word Civic is a palindrome. If you Google the letters PALNDRM it asks you "did you mean palindrome?" UT
SSABMUD Clearly a smartass-owned vehicle;-) CA
LOL I ordered "LOL" plates for my gold Grand Prix GT, really for no reason at all! ID
WAYLON Waylon Jennings, greatest singer ever. VA
BGOODR \\\"BGOODR\\\" is my tag. Trying to spread the word to be a better person. Be gooder. Just made me laugh every time I saw it on paper. GA
MERMEJO MERMEJO Slang for BIG in spanish and covered by the Dominican Flag Colors NY
OMG MOVE It's my plate. I am very frustrated by the general unwillingness to use the throttle by Northern Virginia drivers. VA
B AZ UR I am a Big Kenny Chesney fan and when I heard the song \"Be as you are\", I fell in love with it. Along with being a song, though, it\'s a way of life, my life. OR
KIDKRAZY just depending on the day this is how I feel about my two boys!! they are either driving me crazy or I am just crazy about them!!! VA
XCATLYT Ex-Seattleite .... After we moved from Seattle to Tucson in 2001, we got this plate. It's on my Mercedez convertible ... haven't had the top up since we took it off 6 years ago.. AZ
FORSETI This is my plate. Forseti is the Norse God of Justice, Peace, and Truth. FL
2SECK SE This is my license plate/certify it: \"2SECK SE\", of course...meaning, too sexy. I\'m from San Diego, CA. I\'m not sexy, lol - or anything like that...I picked it for simply vanity. If possible, add my company URL next to my license plate photo: CA
4 ASYCO I\'m a Vietnam Vet & former postal worker, hence \"for a psycho\". It is my plate. IL
J0YR1D Joyride... I bought my first road bike, an '05 Honda VFR 800, for the pure joy of the ride. CAN
COPEN Well, I chew Copenhagen , but...COPEN also mean just dealing with everyday crap CA
HHSSSSS This is the plate we have on our little 98 Cobra. You'd be surprised how many people don't understand it. lol OH
7SEC 2 L8 This is my plate on my 1999 Honda Civic. The car Runs a 17 second 1/4 mile, so it's 7 seconds away from a 10 second car (pretty slow). So far the only engine mods I have done to it is an AEM Short Ram, MSD Coil/Distributor/Wires, and Headers. OH
COPSSUC This is mine on my daily driver a 95 Honda Civic. It says exactly what I think of cops for the most least traffic cops that is! I\'ve been pulled over many times in my 2000Trans Am which is my \"fun\" car,for the littlest things. I see too many drivers around here in Northern VA doing stupid/dangerous stuff that they should be pulled over for and never are. They\'re just a waste of taxpayers money. Anyway since I\'ve had the plate which has only been a few months we\'ve got alot of \"thumbs-up\", people saying \"best place I\'ve ever seen\" and other such good things :). I\'ve also seen many people in cars behind me taking pics of it with their camera phones. :D VA
LIVITUP This is on my green F-250 and the old plate is on my green Dodge 1500. Life's short. Livitup! KS
WHY JAY It's 1994 Jeep Wrangler model code YJ. VT
BOOKXNG Stands for "Bookcrossing" - a web site that promotes exchanging books and reading. The home office is in Idaho. ID
NMSU 1 I went to New Mexico State and I happen to live in El Paso, Texas. So I\'m always given grief for having NMSU 1 on a Texas plate along with that live in the city of our biggest rival UTEP. Go Aggies! TX
1DERBOX Its on my Scio0n XB. The XB looks like a box MI
SSEXT The plate stands for a company name SS Extremes. MA
HION8V Being "transplants," we're still proud Buckeyes. Using the Block "O" given on the plate, it reads "Ohio Native" VA
GO BY ME I don't like being tailgated! (My previous plate was PASS ME) I love the fact that its an entire sentence on a license plate. (the dent on the left side is a coincidence--it was backed into in a parking lot after I had gotten the plate) VA
DUDETTE This plate is on my daughter's Ford F-250 pickup. Her Paint horse is named Dude. Also, a Dudette is a cool girl or woman; a female dude. CO
DEDENDS This is the plate on my *82 Cadillac Hearse. DEAD ENDS is an Atlanta based Hearse Club. My plate is \"DEDENDS\" GA
CRUSH CRUSH-There is a double entendre with this plate being on my 69 GTO Judge, a classic muscle which is also in the factory bright orange paint(aka Carousel Red). NE
HYDE HYDE is the brutal, sinister alter ego of the good Doctor Jekyll. The plate was on my 69 440 6bbl Road Runner for several years in Colorado Springs, parked next to my 69 GTO. The difference in performance is the basis for the two plates. CO
JEKYLL From the tale, Jekyll is the mild mannered Doctor. The plate was on my 69 Judge in Colorado Springs for several years. What about HYDE?? CO
DSTRYR DSTRYR, from the 1976 KISS 'DESTROYER' album, first derived in 1986. I have had this plate on my 69 GTO in Iowa, and on my 69 440 6bbl Plymouth Road Runner in both Colorado and Nebraska. You saw it here first!! NE
HALO 3 Halo 3 is an xbox 360 video game that my family enjoys playing. We have it on the back of our 06 Mustang KY
VNSH.PT One of the greatest car chase movies of all time - "Vanishing Point" (the original, no the remake). The term also descibes two long lines that intersect in the distance - the open road. If you see the movie, it stands for indpendence and having fun with a car. Currently on my 2003 Mitsubishi GTS 5-speed M/T, soon to be on my 2008 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L 6-speed M/T with navigation. CT
GOAL KP Goal Keeper... Do you think this guy plays hockey or soccer? MA
JO COOL I think this guy' thinks he's cool! MA
I1I Unless you're the governor, you can't be 1. I just like the look. VA
ENGEL 14 My last name and baseball uniform number FL
OMGSTFU Not mine, but I saw this and took a cell phone pic. MD
XQQSME it's my grand prix gt so i thought "excuse me" would fit perfectly!!! MS
5 OBAIT 2000 Corvette I get followed by cops all the time. It just 'fits' NJ
FAST BMW My plate... Just stating the obvious. IL
UNFURL unfurl- on my license plate with unfurled flag. VA
TUBA2TER I began playing tuba in 6th grade and played through college. After a hiatus while in the Army I began playing again and for the past 26 years, while employed at Houghton College, I have been playing in the college wind ensemble and a couple of other local civic concert bands. At nearly age 70, I\'m still playing, and happily so. A linguistics professor friend of mine uses my plate to explain the Rebus Principle. NY
GUZLR Seen on a big Cadillac convertible. Would be good on an SUV too! CT
IM4UKY I Am For University of Kentucky KY
BRS PAW BEARS PAW COUNTRY CLUB a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course that I reside in and am a resident realtor. I put this plate on my 2007 black Aston Martin Vantage & it does get attention. FL
SUPRCHX Super Chick SC
SPF 0 It is ours. We keep the SPF 15 tanning lotion in the glove box for the really sunny days. TN
GOOD4U 2007 Toyota Prius ...Definitely GOOD4U TX
PLAN AHE Yes, this is my plate. Apparently there's some kind of limit on the number of letters. NC
TWYNS Marion and Marie Minor are 50 year old twins. They are my special friends and have a great vanity plate.. TWYNS. The are dairy farmers and live in Fairfield, Vermont. I met them when I lived in St. Albans in 2002. I visited them this summer and think the picture with the plate is awesome! VT
HATARI I had this on my 96 Mazda Millenia and I just transferred it to my 2005 Audi A4. HATARI is the word for Danger or Dangerous in Swahili. Also a famous John Wayne movie named HATARI was filmed in Tanzania, the country I grew up in. KY
4 FAVRE I am a huge Packer Fan especially the QB Brett Favre whose number is 4 NE
GLBL WMR Global warmer on my 34' class A motor home. NE
GARYMC My first name and first 2 letters of my last, given to me by mamadukes, she had it on her car since i was born. RI
MUSTACH Publicly... The reference is to the Owner having a Mustache for as long as he has been riding Motorcycles Privately... The reference is to providing "Mustache Rides" to the opposite sex. NC
9-II My 9-II plate is on a "United We Stand" baseplate. I work for the TSA now to make sure another September 11th never happens again. CT
SHRTBUS It is a small, yellow car VT
GEEZER I went from a muscle car to a Cadillac of all things. I must truly have entered Geezerhood. KS
GOTPULL I teach a methodology for aligning business called "Pull Thinking". "Got Pull" is a take-off on "Got Milk", and is also a positive expression as in someone "has pull" GA
H3LFYR On my '06 Triumph Rocket III Classic. Hellfire, as in Hellfire Rocket. 3 in the plate stands in for the E as well as signifies the III in Rocket III. Bike goes like Hellfire, and if you ever ride one in the summer in Florida, you\'ll think that Hellfire is emanating from the engine. FL
POLLEN8R My last name is Polley, and I was given the nickname "The Pollenator" in high school by some patronizing teammates, but I've since reclaimed it. And no, I'm not a bee-keeper or a lothario. ;) Have since moved out of state, so this is going on the front of my car. NC
DA HONU DA HONU is pidgin' English (Hawaiian local speak) for "The Turtle". We originally got the plate for our '99, green, VW Beetle because we travel to Hawaii annually, love green sea turtles, and the car looks a bit like one. When we bought our new '07 BMW 328xi, we kept the plate out of sentiment. The new car is no way slow like a turtle, but reminds us of the fun we had in the old car and the great trips to come in the new. Pictured is the plate on the original vehicle, my wifes '99 VW Beetle WA
GODBNU GODBNU You can say it to ways either "God Be in You" or G-O-D B-N-U it is a reference to the scripture Romans 8:9,10. I am in the military and also a youth preacher. I use my vehicle as a means to witness. When officers and other individuals ask me what the license plate means I share the scripture with them. TX
BUKNUT My plate is BUKNUT because I'm a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan. I'm also slightly crazy so it fits my personality in that way as well :) VA
MTHEORY M Theory - M3. Also relates to nerdy physics stuff. AL
OLAFAN OLAFAN....i'm a huge fan of the game of box (indoor) lacrosse, and OLA stands for Ontario Lacrosse Association....FAN. I attend about 40-50 games a summer. CAN
ICU LAFN I see you laughing. VA
YESITDO dodge truck with a hemi engine when people as does that truck have a hemi. i say read the tag GA
NOVA 67 NOVA 67 is nostalgic. Many of us owned a NOVA at one time. Having a vanity plate telling you what year it is answers lots of questions. One license plate is worth a thousand words! MA
ASU DVL This is my plate. I am an alumnus of Arizona State University. The Sun Devils. Hence, ASU DVL. PA
SIXPAC This SIXPAC conjures up an image of beer. But then again it may be a six cylinder. I'll drink to that!. I saw the plate at a collector car show in Spencer, Massachusetts in late August MA
249 My friend Louis B. Grace loves number plates. Upon obtaining this incredibly low number Massachusetts 249 - Lou located three consecutive plates with his number! He proudly displays them in his foyer! MA
GROOVY When I got the Mini Cooper S with JCW I just thought it was such a GROOVY car, I like music from the 60\'s, and its all about driving around and having fun - it\'s a big hit with the lemonade stand crowd! :) CT
32s mo4 I was on vacation down Cape Cod and on the look-out for vanity plates. This tire cover wins the prize! MA
WELDER I interviewed a welder for my blog and took the opportunity to take a picture of his vanity plate! MA
SENATE 6 I was seated at my computer when I saw Senator Brewer's Volvo parked across the street in North Brookfield... my hometown. Single digit "anything" are impressive in Massachusetts" plate land." "Senator Six" MA
BOB POTVIN I was visiting my 91 year old mother at the local nursing home in Massachusetts when this Florida vanity gem \"screamed out at me!\" Do you think the person is a salesman?:) MA
RUFF 69 REALLY NEED EXPLAINING? \"RUFF\" is actually part of my last name and a nickname the males in my family have, and \'69\"- my favorite activity. my family also have the \"RUFF\" and \"RUFF1\" plates here in mass. MA
HEMIE I was at the world famous Brimfield Flea Market when I came upon this new Chrysler 300 with the owner asleep in air conditioned comfort. His plate tweeked me as my friend Steve Magnante is a big MOPAR writer and Speed Channel celebrity on the Barret Jackson Auction. Steve liked the plate. Do you? MA
INVNTR I was at a flea market and say this plate as the man was leaving his car. He said he "hit it big" a couple of years ago with his inventions and is now "living in the lap of luxury!" I think he said his name was Edison :) MA
NO GWB John Lennon Imagine Plate. I imagine an end to they tyranny of George W. Bush a day when the reputation and integrity of this country will be restored. FL
THX4MY THX4MY means Thanks for my Freedom .. See base of plate..Part of the fees go for veteran services. Thank a Veteran for your Freedom. AZ
FERRETS I got FERRETS because I have run the only ferret rescue in the state of Colorado since 1992 and the plates help pass the word there is a rescue for ferrets and we always need help :-) CO
CQQL1 Riding a Harley up Mt Washington in NH, saw this plate at the top.... on another Harley (of course) Had to take the picture!!! NH
SEP011 SEP 011 is commemorating the date September 11, 2001 and this plate is on my vehicle. I was looking for a category "Patriotic" but chose Dates & military instead... FL
NOT OJ Found on the back of a White Bronco while traveling in Michigan MI
OMGSTFU OMGSTFU stands for "Oh My God Shut The F*&k Up". The plates belong to my husband and is on his black Mitsubishi Galant. He's a internet addict and OMGSTFU is one of his favorite sayings. VA
ATG2TAA This is my plate. It is genetic code. All proteins start with the sequence ATG and TAA is a stop sequence. So translated it means Start to Stop. (I also tell people that it is encrypted for science geek.) I'm a scientist and I do a lot of work with DNA sequences. There is also meaning it my plate relating to driving. When you drive a car you drive from start to stop. So I just had to get it. VA
THATGRL My Pappaw could never say my name Jenna, it always came out \\\"Gina\\\". After correcting him over and over again, he began calling me THAT GIRL. The name stuck and family members call me THAT GIRL. My mom says she can remember the TV show THAT GIRL! TN
H8NTRFC self explanatory. Seattle is one of the worst cities for traffic. WA
GOTBLNG Got Bling? It's a take on "Got Milk?" But because it's a Mercedes Benz I figured it was more appropriate. MD
FIXGEAR FIXGEAR = fixed gear, a one speed bicycle that does not coast. I got it because sometimes it rains and I have to drive my car and not ride my bike. PA
GOALY33 I grew up up playing hockey & have been a goalie since age 8. One of the first pros I met was Pete Peters who wore #33 so I adopted that number as my own. The fantastic Patrick Roy, who owns the record for most victories by an NHL goalie, wore #33 as well. VA
WETIRED2 We are not only retired but we are tired too. NY
PRN STAR on my friends topless 2004 nissan maxima. his profession FL
MEEP X2 MEEP X2 = MEEP MEEP. The Roadrunner rocks! VA
CUPRACN We love NASCAR! CupRacn on our Nissan Frontier. FL
SPOILD- What the heck that kids 16 and he drives a Corvette!!! NH
DRMUFF Two females driving and a gay pride sticker, figure it out. VA
4 THRILLS 4thrills, is a plate that our daughter used on her Porsche was also her nickname in high school...due to the cars she drove.she was killed/murdered by a drunk driver in 2002, so we now have the plate on my jeep in memory of her.her other plate hotnzipo, is on her mothers jeep, this plate was the lineage of her show horses, in western pleasure.thanks for your site... NC
NODENTS No dents! TN
STIFFIE this is the plate on my 88 hearse taken at the johnboy and billy show GA
THXZORA This is my jplate. ZORA is Zora Arkus Duntov, the savior of the Corvette. OK
SKEP my nickname - skep - shortened from skeptical, or how i used to spell it back in middle school skeptikl FL
W8N4SNO waiting for snow NH
FTBLMOM This is my plate and I had it made because my son plays football and I bought the van so that I could haul the football players around from practice and such and they all call me Mom. I also have a shirt that says Football Mom. AL
TOP LUS I drive a Chrysler Sebring Convertible with the license plate TOP LUS. Whenever a passenger in my car wants to ride with the convertible top down we call it going "top lus". I was surprised that Connecticut's DMV's let it go through. Needless to say, I get a lot of attention on the road from it... CT
EVL VELY When I drive my Miata... I feel.. very very Evil... hence EVL VELY... Vely being my nickname... muahahaha!!! NC
AV[STAR]LOS This is my last name AVALOS. It's on my 2007 Honda Fit! CA
ASANTA The plate is mine, I am a fifth generation Santa Claus. This is my current Santa plate. I have had variations of Santa plates over the years for my cars but my motorcycle has always plate been Rudolph. ME
J-SKEE My aunt had given me the nickname "J-SKEE" in the 5th grade out of nowhere and ever since then the name stuck. its even tattooed on my back. VA
SSINFUL The plate \"SSINFUL\" is both a play on the model of the car (Camaro SS) and life in Las Vegas NV
IMCRAZY The plate is mine. I originally went for psycho and was turned down but was allowed this plate. It was a statement of my state of mind right after I got my divorce 12 years ago. (crazy for getting married in the 1st place!) WA
WARGAMER Birthday present from my wife... wargaming is a longtime hobby of mine. CAN
OBNOXS2 OBNOXS OBNOXS is on my 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada. OBNOXS2 is on my 1989 Convertible Corvette. I get a kick out of watching people in my rear view mirror as they try to decipher its meaning. You see a light bulb usually go off when they get it and then they laugh and tell the person sitting next to them about it. That is when I usually blow my horns and scare the crap out of them because they are 147 decibel air horns!!! They usually will pull up next to me at the next light and say \"You sure are OBNOXIOUS\" Hopefully the plates show up in the picture of the two cars... OH
340CUDA my 340 cuda plate was transfered to me when i bought the 1970 plymouth cuda six years ago. 340 is the size engine in the car. MI
6T9METS 1969 Mets VA
MSTRYODA Mr. Toyota or Mr. Yoda or both? :) NY
SAVES GAS This is not my car and I'm not sure of the meaning, but it was on a Lexus SUV. .. possibly a RX 400 hybrid. NY
WUZ HIZ This plate is on my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee (yes it is a fully loaded Limited with the 5.6L Hemi) which was my ex-husband's truck before we got divorced in January 2006. I thought WUZ HIZ was perfect sentiment to remind my ex what happened to him for his actions...especially since we work at the same company! NV
OB1KNBE obi won kenobi NY
MR VEG Belongs to vendor at farmer's markets NY
SNIFINS Jimmy Buffett song lyrics: From the song "FINS" "Fins to the left and fins to the right" Start at the "F" ..... VA
BOWOWOW BOWOWOW....For the 80's Band NV
10TIL4 I drive a Nissan 350Z, and my plate reads "10TIL4" because when it's 10 minutes until 4:00 it's 3:50. AL
2 WYLD 4U Meant to be taken 2 ways. I am a Forestry major and nature buff, giving WYLD the environmental meaning. Also can be taken as the driver is WYLD, too WYLD that is 4 U. OH
GNEALOG Genealogy (GEE-NEE-AH-LO-GEE) This is my vanity plate. Genealogy is a hobby/obsession of mine! GA
COUPAH mini cooper NH
SCBYSNK Scooby Snacks... the name says it all, smoke em if ya got em MN
SURE2BL8 i can't be on time to save my life NY
CAUT1ON This is my plate. I get pulled over A LOT and I was always being teased for it at work. So much so that my co-workers told me that my license plate should say CAUTION. Well, when I had to go to the DMV to get my license renewed, I went ahead and filled out an application, and it got approved. I get a lot of compliments about my plate, even from the cops! Although, it's never gotten me out of a ticket. NJ
64 RDSTR 1964 Corvette Roadster VA
UDOHIO Where I went to school NJ
USCGRAD It's my plate and I'm the proudest USC Trojan in Nevada! NV
PONYEXP What better way to finalize my 2007 Mustang GT. The car and plate are for sale together. Make me an offer MD
USMC JAG USMC JAG (Judge Advocate--military lawyer) NY
BLSUX Meaning - bin laden SUCKS It's a VA Fight Terrorism Plate - VA
2GD4YOU To good for you.... This is how I feel about my husband that cheated on me and left me 3 months after I had our daughter. NV
GP-FEVER I'm 20 years old and since I own 2 Pontiac Grand Prix's I decided to get the plate # "GP-FEVER" (Grand Prix Fever) for my GTP. NY
HIOFCR I have had this plate for years. Turns out, you'll most likely get a warning when you say "HIOFCR!!!" NH
FLSGUD This plate is a reflexion of my insistence of a positive mental attitude at all times and how I feel when I maintain this attitude. The initial translation is Feels Good and the secondary is Phil\\\'s Good. (Which is my first name) This is of course my personal vehicle and I also had this same plate registered in California in the late 80\\\'s IL
MSLAT2U it\\\'s my name! Ms. LaToya Antoinette Thomas To You AL
WAY2HOT This is my tag. It describes my 2002 Collector Edition Pontiac Firebird Transam, and it is also the first 7 letters of my email address, which is Way2HotFirebird AR
JHNGALT A reference to the Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" line, "Who is John Galt?", a phrase uttered in despair and hopelessness by individuals who feel that there aren't answers for the questions and/or problems that plague society. This is my vanity plate. NV
BYE OFCR \\\"BYE OFCR\\\" or Bye Officer was thought of by me because of 2 reasons. First reason is of course not the obvious reason. My grandfather retired from the Chicago Police dept as a lieutenant. I was a Security Police officer in the Air Force. I respect the law and law enforcement officials. The 2nd reason.... well.... 450 horses. BYE OFCR!!!!! WI
3M WOJ8 3M WOJ8 Picked this one out for my boyfriend (now ex) Read it in the mirror and it's clear as day :D MO
DANSELZ Real estate sales person. VA
SALTY1 I saw this in a parking lot at the Cape Cod Mall. I think it makes sense for a place known for its beaches!! MA
FIZPOP Mmmm...cola, root beer, sassparilla, cream soda, life is good! MA
NTSLW Not Slow . 11 sec Nissan Altima 3.5 SL 5 Speed. The cop didn\'t think this was very funny, especially with the window sticker . He actually had the last laugh with a ticket for speeding...OH NV
NOT HYZ NOT HYZ is on my '92 Chevy Blazer 4x4. Because it's such a cool looking truck, I got tired of all the guys asking me if the truck belonged to a member of the male species (ie: bf, bro, hubby etc..) Since I got the tags, I've never been asked again :D NOT HIS was already taken :( MO
SHNIAFAN My wife and daughter and myself are huge Shania Twain fans. We met her here in New York City in 2005 and she signed my daughters guitar and took a picture with her. I submitted the picture to Country Weekly and they published it in the Fantastic section of the magazine. Awesome day it was to meet her. NY
LKY WYF Of course, Lucky Wife, I\'m spoiled! ;-) OR
EXHAUSTD I own 2 Meineke shops and 51 weeks a year ..6 days a Week , 10 Hours a day Selling Mufflers and other car repair....hence the plate NY
SAABLYM I bought my "mid-life crisis" car, a Saab convertible, in September 2001, right after 9/11, with the realization that life really is too short. I've had 3, and they've all had this plate, which is how I feel when I'm driving it when the top's down, the sun is shining, and Jimmy Buffet music is playing. I love watching people behind me trying to figure out what it says, and some of them have even stopped me to ask. OH
COZUML Reminds me of why I go to work.. so I can afford spend more time in Cozumel TX
CU-SURFN CU-SURFN was sorta my phrase when ending a conversation with friends from the beach. Being from "Philly", Pa. a non-surf city/state, I was really saying "cya surfing", but that would not fit. Tagged since 96'. FL
O C O The O C O has no meaning as a word, but a visual. It gives the impression of the salmon swimming through rings. OR
JOAJPM My Name in short JOA and Indy 500 Champ, F1 Driver , Nascar Driver Initials "JPM" for Juan Pablo Montoya MA
SD8TD The Plate meaning is mine and means sleeping not dead . The Plate is mine and I came up with the plate name because it was a 911 bike , I Rescued the Bike and Put her back together , The Company that makes the Bike uses the Lions Head as its Logo , So I thought For everything the Bike went Through and and for those that lost their lives that I would give it the name of sed8td. For Me sd8td Means Sleeping not Dead. MI
DA BUU i have a 98 malibu that is a piece of junk so i decided to \\\\\\\"corny white boy it up\\\\\\\" and call it da buu......WORD VA
GOSTUPD My plate, GOSTUPD, means exactly what it says...GO STUPID!! I originally applied for GOFUCKR, but sadly, DMV denied my request...but they approved GOSTUPD, so if you're in front of me holding up traffic, guess what I'm thinking! :) CA
BUSH OUT BUSH OUT of the White House NY
PAWSNJC Paws for my dogs, N for "and" JC for my initials DE
CYLONS Reference to the Cylons of the show Battlestar Galactica. VA
I SPY I SPY - Security business owner. ND
FR8DWG FR8DWG is Freight Dog, owned by a pilot who flies for a cargo company. MA
POTVIN I share the same last name as hockey great Dennis Potvin of the New York Islanders. This Massachusetts vanity plate has been unavailable for some 40 years. Now, for my birthday, I finally got it ,and had to buy a new truck to accommodate my plate. My friend Doctor Grace is in the picture. His plate reads : MD with a big G - a unique Massachusetts plate. We both appreciate plates! MA
BOKKUSU This is my plate, BOKKUSU. It's colloquial Japanese for the word box. I drive a 2004 Scion xB. The car was made in Japan and it looks like a box. NJ
EATTHE One of the standard Virginia plates is "Kids First." I think the extra fee associated with this plate funds children's programs in the state. A lovely sentiment -- at least it was until my neighbor got a hold of it! "Eat the kids first." VA
ARMY This ARMY Antique plate was on a Jeep! MA
H4X0RZ Derived from hazxor, meaning hacker in the computer nerd world VA
SYKOTIC People used to always ask me where co-workers were, even if I had no reason to have seen them. I started saying "I'm psychotic, not psychic" and finally got a license plate to reflect that. Incidentally, the plate arrived the same day I found out I was pregnant... VA
DEBUG Debug is a Diesel Bug, and I write computer programs. MD
PL8 LDY Plate lady TX
RULSTNG It says "Are You Listening" I have 2 ten inch. subs in my car so it was kinda of a joke with my friends. FL
FUN LS1 LS1 is the 'vette engine that GM put in F-Bodies (Firebirds & Camaros), before discontinuing them in 2002. VA
CMEJET CMEJET - See me jet - VW Jetta AL
AKYETI I got the plate because when I first bought my truck, I described it as a Yeti (a cousin to bigfoot). It\'s a white truck, so I named it the Alaskan Yeti (AKYETI). AK
NOWUCME - NOWUDNT Now U C Me is on my Jeep Wrangler and Now U Dnt is on my motorcycle. It started out in college when I had a VW Rabbit diesel with a 500 W stereo in it where people said they could hear me before they could see me. I then got my motorcycle plate now you don't as it was just fun. The plates are mine and mean exactly what they say. ME
N4TRBLE In for Trouble IA
PLYNAKD Being a Nudist, it fit\'s perfect, Calvin of (Calvin& Hobbs) cartoon sticker says it best. Life is short play naked. ID
4MY IPOD "4MY IPOD" on the ultimate iPod accessory (BMW) VA
HEADS UP Everyone likes to get a HEADS UP. My plate IL
CHZ STK This one is mine. Pennsylvanian by birth. Virginian by choice. But still a Philly sports fan. My favorite Philly restaurant - Geno's! Enjoy meeting fellow Philly fans who see the plate. Laugh off anyone who thinks it means "cheese sticks". VA
DMB EVDY I am a HUGE Dave Matthews Band fan and thought it fitting to have a plate to depict that. DMB - Dave Matthews Band, EVDY = Everyday. This is for their CD titled "Everyday" as well as the fact that I listen to them everyday. :) VA
VNMUSS This is the vanity plate on my 2007 Shelby GT500 which has cobras on the front an fenders. It means the car is venomous. CA
LAF N PL In the movie "Song of the South' Uncle Remus told a story about Burr Bear and Burr Fox. Burr Bear told Burr Fox he had a Laughing Place, Burr Fox wanted Burr Bear to show him his Laughing Place. Burr Brear took Berr Fox to a place with a tree with a hole in it and told Burr Fox tyo look in the hole to find the Laughing Place. When Burr Fox stuck his head in the hole he was attacked by honey bees. After running around hooping and hollering to get away from the angry bees he said to Burr Bear \\\"That was no laughing place, to which Burr Bear replied \\\" I didn\\\'t say it was your laughing place I said it was my laughing place. I have this tag on my living quarters horse trailer which I haul my horses Riverdance and Dawson to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and many other places to camp and trail ride with friends. That is my \\\"Laughing Place\\\" VA
BKMDANO BKMDANO "Bookum Dano" a line from the old police TV series Hawaii 5 0 I am the owner , a police officer named Dan. This is my first personalized plate that I got when Iowa first offered the option. IA
BMR BALL Beamer Ball.... what they call Va tech football. VA
EAT SOOT I drive a tuned TDI diesel Jetta that makes tons of smoke, get too close and you'll EAT SOOT =) FL
R M8Y R M8Y = Arrgh Matey. This plate is on my 04 Explorer with some blacked out features, black skulls below the Explorer badge, and black wheels. I call it the Captain Jack Sparrow edition of the Explorer. Just having some fun with pirates. FL
BOO-BE true meaning is when you die come back as a ghost boo be a ghost, or if men read this they think of it as being in love with women boobs NH
FONTMAN My personal plate. NC
PHYNALLY It is the plate on my first Corvette. I've wanted one since I was 13. Then when I got married my wife said I could buy one when we could afford it. Now at age 56 I finally bought my first Corvette. So, PHYNALLY was the only recognizable spelling I could get on my vanity plate and I display it proudly. NC
PODCAST My website is WCAST.INFO and I webcast and podcast audio and video for my church, family, and friends. I own both vanity plates PODCAST & WEBCAST. VA
WEBCAST My website is WCAST.INFO and I webcast audio, and video contact for my church and friends. VA
DINOSAR I got this plate for my 1970 Chevy Blazer. The truck is big, old, green, and slow ... just like a DINOSAUR. IL
HACKER Currently I work in computers and have for the past 12 years. I got busted years back by the secret service for sending a 'bad' email and have had people calling me this ever since. NV
MY33TOY My 1933 truck , so it's my 1933 toy. CAN
ZIPTDUDA My plate, to help people see the good in life: My Oh My What a Wonderful Day! NC
NEECIE My nickname NE
INAHURI This is the first question the officer would ask me . Its only fitting. Also I like the song by Alabama..".I'm in a hurry."..because I usually am. WI
ATOWKR Seen in Honolulu - October 2007 HI
CAR EH What is more Canadian then this? CAN
NVY MOM My son is in the US Navy VA
IHALL SS My car is a Camaro SS and I haul ass. CA
EQWHINE Reflects what I do every time I have to fork over $$ to the feed store, vet, farrier, fill up the tank on my low-mpg equine-hauling truck, etc. So, yeah, it's one of my plates. VA
WWWHOA Means simply that "if you can read this, please don't tailgate". LOL. Yes, it is one of my plates. VA
CTYNKEE My '88 Volvo 760 wagon - I'm originally from CT. Most people, when they try to guess, think it says, "City Nooky" (LOL) AZ
ETALLICA A true Metallica fan. CA
DE SADE This is my Mercury Grand Marquis with Oregon Cultural Trust plate DE SADE. Because the Marquis De Sade was all about "culture" and "trust". OR
GE3K Friends and family are always calling me a geek because of my useless knowledge about movies, games, etc so I decided why not get it on my plates. I then took it a step further and made it a little bit 1337. VA
KISSTHS Kiss this WA
H8-LBRL This is my plate which means "hate liberal". Oregon is a very liberal state and it was a shot in the dark if the state was actually going to let me have it. OR
OBISHWN We heard the guy's name is Shawn, so it's "Obi-Shawn" in that case. CA
2PHKNLO lowrider truck that belongs to me VA
MY MO For Nissan Murano fans, "MO" is a favorite short-hand for the vehicle. Hence this is *MY* MO! PA
LV CANAL "Love Canal" : seen on an old Caprice wagon in Niagara Falls referencing the toxic waste dump most likely. CAN
IXLOR8 I accelerate FL
LUVN IT HOW COULD YOU OWN A 12 CYL 496 HP 6 speed BMW 850CSI and not be loving it? MD
POUPON 2 The Miata is gray, so it's Gray Poupon. The owner is a fellow club member of the Gateway Miata Club. IL
MR YUK When my husband bought this truck, I saw the color and immediately started calling it Mr Yuk. The name stuck and he decorated the back window with a Mr Yuk sticker. MD
GENIEUS This is mine on my Subaru and I think it means I have too much free time. It's actually kind of hard because if I do something dumb in traffic, I'm sure people are laughing at me. Everyone is always laughing at me. VA
I PWN U Its self explanatory. I'm ebaying it at so if you could like... feature it on your page that would rock! WA
TRASHY On the day I picked up the Harley, all my friends kept telling me how trashy the bike looked, so I named her Trashy & got the vanity plate. TN
REVZ TO 9 9,000 RPM Redline on S2000's IL
ET CHEZ Eat Cheese. In Wisconsin. Go figure. WI
R U EZ Are You Easy? OH
HEDS UP If you want to race, it's gotta be heads up... IL
TBAGGR tea bagger CA
#1REDHAT This tag on "Red Hat Lady" car - red & purple ? kit car? - very neat'o NC
0 REDHAT This tag on "Red Hat Lady" car - red & purple Caddy - neat'o VA
NOTAUO NOT A UFO - these are my plates! My Blazer has been called a UFO cause of all of the lights i have installed in it WI
DPORTEM I submitted this under jobs because, yes i am a Special Agent with the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). It's what I do for a living. MD
PRRRFCT My kitty purrrrrs. OH
MPEACHW Impeach Bush! SD
PLAYBOY The Mayor of Las Vegas everyone! NV
RU FISHN Fishing guy... VA
DUMBLND Dumb blond for sure.... MI
CSIXTY4 CSIXTY4 on car with logos from Commodore Business Machines, makers of the C64. IL
LIV2XS I had this plate on my 2002 Yamaha VMAX and later transfered it to my 2003 Honda Goldwing. LIV2XS stands for "Live to Excess" NM
CUBH8R CUBH8R (Cub hater) on a St. Louis Cardinals license plate. MO
CABLECOP Self Explanatory CAN
L33T L33T speak for elite. VA
HAXR lEEt hacker IL
LANDJET Fast Roadster Pickup Truck MN
PRIPISM Priapism: Abnormally persistent erection of the penis in the absence of sexual desire. Named after Priapus, the Greek and Roman god of procreation, whose nude statues were placed in fields as scarecrows (where their attributes became well known). CA
BMW NME BMW NME plate is on the back of my Jaguar XJR. Just a small nod to the constant competition between the high performance luxury cars. PA
-GOMAN- Its straight up......GO MAN!!!!! haha NH
WIFSMAD Describes any wife regarding the money some guys spend on their hobbies WA
OUTATYM Yes, it is on a Delorean WA
6PKTOGO This is on a muscle car with a 6 pack carb WA
4 ALARM every firefighters/fire buffs dream! WA
BDYNGLSH BODY ENGLISH on super sweet looking BMW M3 NY
XXSML An "extra extra small" car - It's on my 1970 Morris Mini (Mr. Beazley). It's an extra extra small car, especially when driving in traffic surrounded by SUVs. WA
CRUSN PT On a PT Cruiseer VA
ALUM94 VA Tech - class of '94 VA
L3T IT B The "Beatles" song, maybe... VA
AT AT It's an AT AT AZ